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lunes, abril 21, 2008

Tarjetas de memoria para la N800, cómo sacarlas y cuál comprar

The maximum capacity of compatible SDHC cards is 8 gigabytes, the
maximum capacity of the other types of compatible card is 2 gigabytes.

using SDHC 8 gig cards in both card slots, you can have a maximum
storage space of 16 gigabytes. This is enough for about 4000 to 8000
music tracks, or absolutely anything else you want to store such as
photos, videos, text, applications, games etc.

How to get the memory card out of the N800's external card slot

surprising number of people think that their memory card is stuck in
the card slot under the N800's stand. The card isn't stuck though, the
slot just isn't spring-loaded so the card doesn't pop out automatically.

get the card out, open the slot's door and put your fingernail or
thumbnail against the slot, perpendicular to the card. Press your nail
down onto the card, and you should feel a ridge that makes it easier to
pull the card out. Pull the card towards you with your nail, and it
should come out very easily.

Pruebas de velocidad

Test: time dd if=/dev/mmcblk? of=/dev/null bs=8192 count=30000
Speed in bytes => 8192*30000/time
Speed in Mbytes => 8192*30000/time/1024/1024

Card Clock Width Time Speed Slot
1GB SanDisk RS-MMC 20Mhz 1-bits 107.29 2.18MB/s External
4GB SanDisk SDHC C2 25Mhz 4-bits 31.41 7.46MB/s External
4GB Transcend SDHC C2 48Mhz 4-bits 25.72 9.11MB/s Internal
8GB Transcend SDHC C2 48Mhz 4-bits 19.54 11.99MB/s Internal

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