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viernes, abril 04, 2008

MS Surface: no sirve para nada

Este artículo desmitifica la "mesa ordenador" de Microsoft. Incluye montones de enlaces a tecnologías similares, tanto prototipos de investigación como productos comerciales.

Scratching the Surface of Microsoft's New Table PC

Microsoft has neither introduced anything revolutionary, nor improved upon existing technologies, nor found a clear and obvious application for multitouch the way Apple has with the iPhone. What it has done is ported the general idea to Windows, desperately associated Surface hype with the Zune (which has non-functional WiFi) and retroactively claimed credit for a wide swath of technologies dating back to 2001. Wow, that’s crap.

That tends to overshadow the innovative software ideas Surface appears to introduce: visualized controls that enable users to toss pictures toward a phone to copy them, or a Dock like interface that launches cocktails rather than Mac applications. This is the kind of flourish Adobe wants to deliver with Flash, not rocket science.

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