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viernes, abril 11, 2008

Distro Linux para usuarios finales

Distribuida con el ordenador compacto de sobremesa KPC

The GNOME Journal: An Introduction To Foresight Desktop Linux

Shuttle KPC

An Introduction To Foresight Desktop Linux

a new distribution? There is a real need for a desktop Linux distro
that is easy to manage for new users, well integrated, modern, and
still appealing to power users. Foresight strives to fill that need.
Foresight is not just another Debian or Fedora distro, instead it is
something truly innovative. Foresight is still in a beta stage, but is
rapidly growing and stabilizing. Built on the Conary package management
system, Foresight has a bright future. Foresight focuses heavily on
usability and integration, therefore the latest GNOME release is always
the standard desktop.

What is Different

major difference is Mono; Foresight ships Mono as well as quite a few
Mono applications by default. The Beagle desktop indexing tool, which
is rather tough to get to work well on other distros, works right out
of the box on Foresight. This is just an example of the innovative
applications that have been included.

Conary takes the
headaches out of software maintenance. Conary is the brain child of the
guys at rpath, which is mostly made up of former Red Hat veterans. One
major problem solved by Conary is package upgrades. Conary always
upgrades from the repository it was installed from, not the one with
the version that appears to be the newest. This adds a tremendous level
of stability. Conary also enforces some package naming and version
rules. For more information, take a look at http://wiki.rpath.com.
Conary is an exciting new opportunity for Linux and package
installation both for users at home and for large deployments of
computers in an office setting.

Ease the Pain for Switchers

Foresight default interface is quite simple and easy for the new user
to get acquainted with. Featured is a mostly standard GNOME desktop,
with some beautification. The Foresight team includes extremely
talented graphic designers/artists with plans to make the desktop look
its best while still maintaining the utmost in usability.

also includes a new tool for systems management, Oversite. Oversite
keeps your system up to date all of the time. In the future, Oversite
will provide a web interface to manage your desktop and make it trivial
to install any new application.













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