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jueves, abril 24, 2008

Dieta sana

Sitio web con consejos para una dieta saludable y un monitor macizorro
Oprah and Bob's BestLife Challenge 2008
Ready for a Challenge? That’s exactly what losing weight and becoming healthier is—a challenging journey with highs and lows and life-changing rewards. Many of you have been on this journey before and may be wondering: What’s so different about my approach?

The major difference is that I don’t hand you a diet and expect you to completely overhaul your eating and exercise habits overnight. Instead, I’ll guide you through gradual changes that will take off the pounds, and will keep your weight down next year, in 10 years, and even 50 years down the road. I’m not fixated on shedding pounds quickly—instead, I’m focused on helping you find a way of living that will keep you at a healthy weight for life. Hence, the Best Life Diet. This plan, which is available as a book and companion website (TheBestLife.com), offers a three-phased program that takes you through both weight loss and maintenance. As a member of the Challenge, you'll get a plan based on The Best Life Diet, just not as detailed. If you need more support, consider joining TheBestLife.com, which offers a number of benefits, including:

• Extensive menu plans tailored to your specific calorie needs and food preferences
• A comprehensive recipe database
• Interactive food and exercise logs. Enter what you’ve eaten and how much you’ve exercised, and we’ll give you feedback on how you’re doing.
• Support from thousands of members who can offer advice and companionship
• Help from a team of dietitians and exercise experts who will personally answer all your questions

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