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martes, abril 15, 2008

Continous integration: metodología de versionado de código

Control de versiones, bien hecho

BzrVsGit - Bazaar Version Control

Continuous Integration (CI) is a best practice
adopted by many open source projects and commercial teams using
Agile/Lean development methodologies like XP and SCRUM. The objective
is always having a shippable code base by early detection and
correction of when things break. Here are the core CI practices as
given by chapter 2 of Paul Duvall's book:

  • commit code frequently - commit centrally at least once per day
  • don't commit broken code
  • fix broken builds immediately
  • write automated developer tests
  • all tests and inspections must pass
  • run private builds
  • avoid getting broken code.

A better workflow for achieving this is called Decentralized with automated gatekeeper as explained in http://bazaar-vcs.org/Workflows.

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