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jueves, octubre 29, 2009

Context Free art

Context Free es un programa GPL para generar dibujos artísticos a partir de una sencilla gramática generativa con solo 2 primitivas de dibujo, "Circle" y "Square".

Incluye el formato de rendering Anti-Grain Geometry, librería C supuestamente mejor programada que los estándares de antialias usados por los sistemas operativos actuales.

Imagen por Guigui

viernes, octubre 09, 2009

Semiotic Engineering of HCI

I've recently stumbled upon the book "The Semiotic Engineering of Human-Computer Interaction" and I'm going through it now.

It offers a thorough foundation of Human Computer Interaction as a discipline, following an alternate approach which tries to complement usual HCI practice.

Semiotics is "the study of signs and signification", so it views HCI as an ongoing communication process between the software designer and its user - using the particular software artifacts as the form of messages, and describing the whole process with the established vocabulary and insight of the semiotic science. So far it has added some perspective to my other readings on this subject. In particular it gives a sound justification to those techniques often considered less scientific because of their lack of hard data (heuristic evaluation, user personas, scenarios & storytelling...)

This article from Celeste Lyn Paul, HCI Foundations: Theoretical Frameworks talks about other theoretical frameworks.

HCI Foundations: Theoretical Frameworks

martes, octubre 06, 2009

HCI experience storytelling

Experience themes
Narrativa de la intención del diseñador de una interfaz. (Semiótica del diseño de interacción)

sábado, octubre 03, 2009

Chistes de ingenieros vs matemáticos vs informáticos


An experiment was conducted in order to study the differences between programmers, engineers, and mathematicians. One programmer, one engineer, and one mathematician were all locked in separate classrooms for one week. Each classroom contained all of the normal things you’d find in a classroom: chalkboard, chalk, desks, etc. In addition to that each classroom contained water, one can of food (enough to feed a person for a week), but no can opener. At the end of the week, they opened the programmer’s door first. The programmer walked out. When they looked in the classroom they saw the can beat to hell, but opened. When they opened the engineer’s door, the engineer walked out. In the classroom were a bunch of equations and diagrams written on the board, one small dent in the can which was all that was required to open it. Lastly they opened the mathematician’s door. No one came out. They looked in and saw the mathematician laying dead on the floor, the can of food untouched, and a long series of equations on the chalkboard. But at the end of the equations was written the phrase: “A solution exists”.