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viernes, febrero 29, 2008

Los colores de las palabras

Nota: selecciona el texto en los bloques de colores para leerlo :-)

ENTROPÍA - Palabras son colores

Tras mi #ACCE50 a esta anotación de Microsiervos me ha venido a la #CABE2A esta #B0BADA de experimento:

Un #0C7E70
consta de 2 cifras hexadecimales, que pueden transcribirse como letras.
Y al revés, ocurre que ciertas palabras de 6 letras pueden
entenderse como colores en la nomenclatura RGB. El resultado es un #ADA610 cromático, una #F1E57A de tonalidades cuyo #EFEC70 ya estáis comprobando en este mensaje cifrado.

No, no estoy mal de la #A207EA; y antes de que me toméis por #1D107A, confieso que ni he #BEB1D0, ni soy #AD1C70 a las drogas (aunque quizás bien necesite una #51E57A).

Para terminar, aquí os dejo un pequeño lemario cromático y me despido con #AFEC70. Un #BE51C0.

jueves, febrero 28, 2008

Tesis: visualización de información con eventos

... centrada en el usuario.

Los mejores juegos de Nintendo, Online

nintendo8.com - play Nintendo 8-bit games online (no download required)
The Greatest Nintendo Games of All Times - Playable Directly In Your Browser!

1. Super Mario BrothersSuper Mario Brothers

Juegos de Spectrum, online

How Do You Find Programming Superstars?

How Do You Find Programming Superstars?
superstar programmer who's been around a while will ask about the build
environment, version control system, and bug tracking system that you

A couple more you could ask about: (1) the release process, and (2) if
the company uses its own software, the configuration management

http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000043.html [joelonsoftware.com]

The Joel Test

1. Do you use source control?

2. Can you make a build in one step?

3. Do you make daily builds?

4. Do you have a bug database?

5. Do you fix bugs before writing new code?

6. Do you have an up-to-date schedule?

7. Do you have a spec?

8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions?

9. Do you use the best tools money can buy?

10. Do you have testers?

11. Do new candidates write code during their interview?

12. Do you do hallway usability testing?

Proyectos desde cero

Metáfora para gestión de proyectos que empiezan de cero.

Adding the Easy Piece; or, The Metaphor of the Rock | Oliver Steele
This perspective – the size of the rock – is the static view of code size. It’s concerned with how to move rocks of a fixed size. The static> view is the right view for maintenance programming. It’s the right view for (most of) version three of a product, where most of the program is unchanged from version two. Often it’s the right view for version two as well.

For a greenfield project – a project where you’re (mostly) not modifying an existing system, but (mostly) starting from scratch – the static view is too limited. In a greenfield project, you’re not just moving the rock. You’re building it too

Mónadas prácticas

Artículos prácticos sobre uso de mónadas, en varios lenguajes

Monads on the Cheap I: The Maybe Monad | Oliver Steele
This is a practical post about a code smell that afflicts everyday
code, and about an idiom that eliminates that smell. It just so happens
that this idiom corresponds to one of the uses for monads in Haskell,
but that’s just theory behind the practice, and I’ve saved the theory
for the end.

More Monads on the Cheap: Inlined fromMaybe | Oliver Steele
This article is about how to deal with null values. It follows up on this one. It’s intended for code stylists: people who care a lot about the difference between one line of code and two, or keeping control statements and temporary variables to a minimum.

Bookmarklets HOWTO

Bookmarklets -- The Evil Lurking In Your Browser
Bookmarklets -- The Evil Lurking In Your Browser
Filed: Sun, Feb 11 2007 under Programming|| Tags: json javascript bookmarklets security

Bookmarklets are incredibly useful tools. They can put your favorite sites at your fingertips as easy as dragging the icon in the location bar to your bookmark bar -- you can also drag RSS feeds, and you can drag scripts. While mostly benign, often very useful, and definitely under-exploited, bookmarklets are one of the biggest security holes lurking in your browser in addition to being the biggest thing waiting to hit the web since Ajax.

Javascript: el "LISP" más extendido

Javascript es muy buen lenguaje para programación funcional y rapid application development

Functional Javascript 1.0.2 | Oliver Steele
Thanks to everyone who has commented or contributed, praised or pitched in —- I’ve released an update to Functional Javascript

Yes, and the most interesting thing about JavaScript is that it is arguably the most successful and widely deployed Lisp ever. Before you laugh, it has procedures as first class objects, can eval code, has lexical closures
... it's an absolutely rocking language if you want to do functional things. I love it for prototyping up algorithms.

Take a look at Functional JavaScript [osteele.com]. Extensions for functional programming.

Or the great Prototype [prototypejs.org]Library. Note the functions like 'reduce' that can apply to array.

miércoles, febrero 27, 2008

Evolución: Estado del arte

Repaso de los conocimientos más actuales sobre la ciencia de la evolución.

Misperceptions meet state of the art in evolution research: Page 3
The series of talks was possibly the best overview of the state of knowledge in any field that I have ever seen, and the enthusiasm of the researchers and their excitement about the topics was palpable. I expect that, if the public saw more presentations like this, which revealed not only the full depth of our understanding, but also the enthusiasm, humor, and humanity of the people that have generated that understanding, then the teaching of evolution would generate only a small fraction of the resistance that it currently does.

Guía de compra de reproductores MP3

Hacha PC20 4GB Negro

ado que hay mucha gente que busca un mp3 pero no sabe muy bien por dónde empezar, he hecho esta guía, con el objeto también de evitar las mismas preguntas repetidas una y otra vez en el foro. Así que empecemos.


Los 7 pecados de la memoria

7 "defectos" por los que la memoria humana no es igual a las grabadoras de vídeo

Mind Hacks: The 7even sins of memory
PsyBlog has just finished its series on the 'seven sins of memory' that fade and distort what we try to remember, based on memory researcher Dan Schacter's book on the same name.

The 'seven sins' are:
1. Transience

2. Absent-Mindedness

3. Blocking

4. Misattribution

5. Suggestibility

6. Bias

7. Persistence

martes, febrero 26, 2008

La inconsistencia fundacional del liberalismo

Yo no lo explicaría mejor

Journal of spun (1352)
Libertarianism is based on a falsehood. The inalienable property rights espoused by libertarians are just as authoritarian and represent just as much of an initiation of force as anything done by a government. Before you mingle your labor with a thing, there is no justification for you to call that thing your own. Yet in order to mingle your labor with a natural resource, you must first claim it as your own. yet you do so without justification. As that natural resource was freely shareable by all, you have stolen from all by your taking. That is initiation of force, and libertarianism is founded on it.

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Smileys nanoscópicos

Exposición en el MOMA, sobre aplicaciones tecnológicas con un componente artístico.

Design and the Elastic Mind - BusinessWeek
Each of these little signifiers is just 100 nanometers in diameter.

Trucos con GMail contra el Spam

GMail Easter Eggs: Dot Blindess & Email Aliases - Digital Inspiration
Here are two unexplored features in GMail that will can make your Gmail inbox spam proof.

lunes, febrero 25, 2008

Intrroducción a Haskell - mónadas

- Tutorial completo sobre mónadas

- Serie de artículos sobre Haskell:

In Part 1 of this series, I described how programming languages are grouped into two families, mechanical and mathematical. Programmers also fall into two general categories, those who think mechanically about what a computer does as it executes a program and those who think mathematically about what a program means. Some programmers are gifted and hop between these two worlds as needed.

In Part 2, I described how Haskell is a purely functional programming language and how it uses pure functions to express programs. Unfortunately, pure functions are limiting, because they prohibit side effects and basic I/O.

This article describes monads, the mechanism Haskell uses to structure computation, enable side effects, and communicate with the outside world.

La economía del Gratis

Seis formas de financiar un negocio que ofrece productos gratis.

Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
The most common of the economies built around free is the three-party system. Here a third party pays to participate in a market created by a free exchange between the first two parties. Sound complicated? You're probably experiencing it right now. It's the basis of virtually all media.

In the traditional media model, a publisher provides a product free (or nearly free) to consumers, and advertisers pay to ride along. Radio is "free to air," and so is much of television. Likewise, newspaper and magazine publishers don't charge readers anything close to the actual cost of creating, printing, and distributing their products. They're not selling papers and magazines to readers, they're selling readers to advertisers. It's a three-way market.

  • · "Freemium"
    What's free: Web software and services, some content. Free to whom: users of the basic version.

  • · Advertising
    What's free: content, services, software, and more. Free to whom: everyone.

  • Cross-subsidies
    What's free: any product that entices you to pay for something else. Free to whom: everyone willing to pay eventually, one way or another.
  • · Zero marginal cost
    What's free: things that can be distributed without an appreciable cost to anyone. Free to whom: everyone.

  • Labor exchange
    What's free: Web sites and services. Free to whom: all users, since the act of using these sites and services actually creates something of value.
  • · Gift economy
    What's free: the whole enchilada, be it open source software or user-generated content. Free to whom: everyone.

El juego infinito

Una forma de ver la vida

Stage6 · Spinner
The Finite rules are all based on an assumption that the game is going to end (sometime, whenever you die) and in order to win you need to die Ahead, by whatever rules you choose to play--Die with more money. Die owning a house. Die having written a screenplay. You Win! The finite game is over when you die and all you have to do is check the scoreboard to see how you came out. But an Infinite game rejects that by first fundamentally rejecting the idea that the Game ever really ends--it's horribly shortsighted and selfish to define the Game only in terms of your own existence, because of course the universe will go on after you're gone, the world will keep turning, all the games will keep being played, and your contributions to them will continue to ripple long after you're gone.

PositLog: Un ZUI programado con Javascript y AJAX

Un gestor de contenidos GPL, con interfaz gráfica tipo Zoom User Interface. Y en AJAX.

PositLog A zoomable CMS implemented by Ajax.

Zooming User Interface - Wikipedia

Libro de estadística, libre

Libro con licencia libre, utilizando el paquete R (que también tiene licencia GPL)

Barrapunto | Libro libre de estadística con GNU R

La Universidad de Cádiz sigue siendo pionera en la búsqueda de soluciones de conocimiento abierto, alzándose como un modelo a seguir para el resto de universidades españolas. Su Departamento de Estadística e Investigación Operativa acaba de anunciar la publicación del libro Estadística Básica con R y R-Commander, financiado por el Vicerrectorado de Tecnologías de la Información e Innovación Docente y liberado bajo la licencia GNU FDL


Oficina del Ministerio de Industria para protección de los consumidores de telefonía

Web de Reclamaciones de Telefónica

Oficina de Atención al Usuario de Telecomunicaciones - Página Principal

No sé si es un poco tarde pero te voy a dar la solución. www.usuariosteleco.es
posible que tengas junto a las facturas que te envía
telefónica una carta donde te explica cuáles son tus
derechos. EJÉRCELOS. Por desgracia en nuestro país, ya
que supone una supuesta pérdida de tiempo adentrarse en la
"burrocracia", no somos muy dados a denunciar los abusos del poder.
Pero, si todos ponemos de nuestra parte, podremos conseguir lo que en
muchos países es una realidad. En cuanto alguien viola los
derechos del usuario, denuncia al canto. Así que, han conseguido
que no se violen esos derechos. Yo aporto mi grano de arena, por un
mañana mejor. Es una inversión a largo plazo. Y a lo
peor, yo no le veré. Pero mis hijos sí.
Mi consejo
es que pidas a tu interlocutor el nº de referencia de la
reclamación que estás haciendo, ves tomando notas de todo
aquello que luego puedas necesitar como referencia, nombre de la
persona que te atiende (te lo dicen nada más ponerse al
teléfono), hora de la llamada, el tiempo que pasas al
teléfono, la fecha o fechas, etc. Diles de paso, pero ponte al
día antes, que el departamento de atención al usuario del
ministerio de industria y telecomunicaciones te ha informado de tus
derechos, y que te sugieren les envíes un reporte de la
reclamación por correo certificado tanto a telefónica
como al citado ministerio, con el fin de tomar cartas en el asunto y
actuar a tu favor una vez visto que violan tus drechos y tienes
razón en la causa. Animo pues-

viernes, febrero 22, 2008

Fotos de la tierra, en directo

Para ver el clima, fotos del tiempo en directo.

Google Earth casi en tiempo real | Microsiervos (MundoReal™)
gracias a las imágenes que envía el satélite MODIS Terra es posible disponer de imágenes relativamente recientes, de entre seis y doce horas de antiguedad, en Google Earth. Eso sí, en resolución más baja (250 metros por cada píxel) y con nubes; pero permite ver tormentas, grandes incendios, volcanes, inundaciones...

jueves, febrero 21, 2008

Consejos para capear la recesión

... si eres una empresa :-)

How to Market in a Recession
The signs of an imminent recession are all around us. The spillover from the subprime mortgage crisis is weakening both consumer confidence and the consumer spending—much of it on credit—that has been buoying the US economy.

Companies should bear eight factors in mind when making their marketing plans for 2008 and 2009:

Elementos estructurales de Attention.XML

Qué componentes debe tener un fichero que describa la atención del usuario. (¿APML soporta esto?)

Attention.xml Technology Overview


  • Groups
    • title (nombrado)

  • Feeds
    • title, url, alturls, etag, lastupdated
    • dateadded, dateremoved (crud)
    • userfeedtitle (nombrado)
    • lastread, readtimes - fifo queue when / how long (lectura)
    • rel/XFN(red social), rel/VoteLink, tags (participacion)

  • Items
    • title, permalink, type, etag, lastupdated
    • lastread, duration, followedlinks (lectura)
    • rel/VoteLink, tags

Egagd: servicio web para gestionar tu atención

Por fin, éste es el servicio web que llevaba años buscando: un gestor de atención, flexible y estandarizado.

Servicios soportados

Frequently Asked Questions - Faraday.Engagd | Google Groups

What is APML?

APML stands for Attention Profiling Markup Language. It is a
file format for storing a user's Attention Profile. Learn more at www.apml.org

What is an Attention Profile?

An Attention Profile is a list of the topics and sources you
are interested in, and a value representing your level of interest in

What can you do with an Attention Profile/APML file?

Anything you like. It is an open, free standard that you can use in
all sorts of magical ways. We are still discovering interesting uses
for HTML, RSS and OPML - innovation is the name of the game. Refer to
the 'Usage Scenarios' on the
site for some initial ideas. Also refer to the Questions below 'What is
Profiler' and 'What is ItemRank' to learn what Engagd can do with APML.

miércoles, febrero 20, 2008

Lámpara de gravedad

No consume energía de la red eléctrica, funciona con la que produce un peso al caer. Muy ecológico.

News Story | Virginia Tech News | Virginia Tech
To "turn on" the lamp, the user moves weights from the bottom to the top of the lamp. An hour glass-like mechanism is turned over and the weights are placed in the mass sled near the top of the lamp. The sled begins its gentle glide back down and, within a few seconds, the LEDs come on and light the lamp, Moulton said. "It's more complicated than flipping a switch but can be an acceptable, even enjoyable routine, like winding a beautiful clock or making good coffee," he said.Gravia lamp

martes, febrero 19, 2008

Diseño web rompedor

Blog con enlaces a páginas bien diseñadas y originales

About This Site | Konigi
The idea of researching how others have designed the look and feel of web sites and crafted their user interfaces is a practice many of us are engaged in continually. We may monitor innovative designers and the sites of influence that have paved the way for the practices we engage in as user experience and visual designers.

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lunes, febrero 18, 2008

"Experimentación moral"

Dilemas morales: un enfoque biológico. Cuál es la decisión "correcta" es un problema filosófico, pero la ciencia sí puede aportar cuál es la decisión para la que estamos evolutivamente preparados.

Psicoteca: ¿Lanzarle una bomba a una persona, o lanzar a una persona sobre una bomba? Waldmann y el razonamiento causal bajo los dilemas morales
Pongámonos en situación: Un tren descontrolado avanza a toda velocidad por una vía ferroviaria. Si no hacemos nada, arrollará a su paso a un grupo de 10 personas, causándoles a todos una muerte segura. Por suerte, tenemos la opción de actuar: si movemos la palanca del cambio de vía que tenemos a nuestros pies, el tren se derivará por una vía lateral. Lamentablemente, en esa vía lateral hay un autobús con 2 personas que también morirán irremediablemente si el tren les pasa por encima.
¿Qué decisión tomar? Si no hacemos nada, 10 personas morirán con toda seguridad. Si actuamos, 2 personas perderán la vida a cambio de salvar a las otras 10 de su destino fatal. La de desviar el tren es una acción que debe ser meditada, pero, ¿es correcta moralmente?

viernes, febrero 15, 2008

Minion: constraint solver eficiente

Este motor de resolución de restricciones, con licencia GPL, sacrifica expresividad para lograr eficiencia en problemas grandes.

MINION is a general-purpose constraint solver, with an expressive input language based on the common constraint modelling device of matrix models. Focussing on matrix models supports a lean, highly-optimised implementation. This contrasts with current constraint toolkits, which, in order to provide ever more modelling and solving options, have become progressively more complex at the cost of both performance and usability.

jueves, febrero 14, 2008

Web 2.0 - cómo conseguir que los trabajadores contribuyan al knowledge-base corporativo

The Trouble With Web 2.0 - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

If the quality of the service is improved by the amount of user
commitment it will only be successful if a critical mass of users can
be attracted. While Web services like eBay, Wikipedia or Flickr have
been soaring over the last years, driven by user commitment, corporate
services often have a contribution pattern like this:


Motor de búsqueda con aprendizaje por entrenamiento

Como Google, pero más complicado :-)

Topper Makes Search Complicated In The Name Of Progress
Here is a quick description of how to use it. Enter a search query. Topper Search will go out and get the top 100 results and display the top 10. Select at lease one ‘+’ and one ‘-’ result. Topper will use machine learning to build a model and classify all 100 results. Topper will then display the a different top 10 based on your model.

El concepto de los números negativos

DMM explica el teorema de Gödel para torpes. En uno de los pasos, al explicar el concepto de números negativos, aparece el tema de la existencia de objetos matemáticos - en el caso de los enteros negativos, su existencia procede de combinar las operaciones de contar (enumeración) y restar.

(Aprovecho para expresar mi postura sobre ese debate filosófico: en mi opinión, todos los objetos matemáticos tienen ese tipo de existencia - son el resultado de operaciones posibles, no son "objetos auténticos" en el sentido platónico).

Irregular Webcomic!
The statement points out a deficiency in the sorts of numbers we are considering. It points us to the existence of more numbers, with different properties to the sort of numbers we were originally talking about. When negative numbers were first conceived of by mathematicians, they were controversial and regarded by many with scepticism. After all, you can see 3 apples. What does -3 apples look like? It makes no sense! The very concept of -3 is absurd!

To people with a simplistic understanding of numbers and what they can be used for, the concept of negative numbers is indeed strange. We all go through this process at school, when we graduate from counting apples to doing more abstract mathematics involving subtractions. We are often introduced to negative numbers via the concept of the number line. This makes it seem a bit more natural that there are "more numbers" over there, on the left side of the normal counting numbers. And we discover that negative numbers are useful for things like accounting, and keeping track of debts, and so on.

Propiedad imaginaria

Una subversión/perversión de la tan mentada "propiedad intelectual". Si las corporaciones abusan de este concepto, es lógico que el lenguaje popular refleje las implicaciones.
Imaginary Property

Cómo programar interface post-WIMP con máquinas de estados

Designing Interaction, not Interfaces

es un artículo con ideas de alto nivel sobre el diseño de
interacción, y enlaces a otros artículos del mismo tipo.

Incluye una descripción del modelo de programación de interacciones basado en máquinas de estados, no en colas de eventos

Facilitating post-WIMP Interaction Programming using the Hierarchical State Machine Toolkit

Explica detalladamente una arquitectura de programación de interacción basada en máquinas de estados jerárquicas.

miércoles, febrero 13, 2008

VOLE: plantillas para llamar a COM desde C++

Un proyecto con licencia BSD para simplificar el uso de COM desde C++ y hacerlo casi igual a usarlo desde Visual Basic VB6.

VOLE - A Neat C++ COM/Automation Driver

VOLE is an open-source C++ library that dramatically simplifies the business of driving
COM servers (via the IDispatch interface) from C++.

VOLE is highly robust.

VOLE is very flexible, taking and returning normal C++ types,
such as int, double, std::string,
std::wstring, and so on.

VOLE is 100% header only.

VOLE is compiler-independent,

Resumenes automáticos de páginas web

Un generador de resúmenes que tiene en cuenta la estructura de la página, y funciona muy bien

Summarizer Online Demo - Semantic Tool Powered by Intellexer
Welcome to the Summarizer Online Demo page. This online tool demonstrates the capabilities of our natural language summarizer.

ONLINE document summarizer in twelve languages - Download Pertinence Summarizer
Online free use or Download Pertinence Summarizer is an online automatic text summarization tool that automatically produces relevant summaries from text. This software can summarize the whole of the documents of a repertory of your computer in only one click!... >> more info

Night Of The Living Threads: Firefox como aplicación paralelizada?

Well, I'm Back: Night Of The Living Threads
Every so often someone encounters a temporary hang in the Firefox UI or an extension and declares that the solution is to use more threads. They are wrong.

Killer app: gestor de atención

Los gestores de bookmarks de los navegadores están mejorando.

Sin embargo, aún les falta una funcionalidad que los convertirá en realtmente útiles para controlar el flujo de acceso a la información: registrar el nivel de atención prestada por el usuario a cada elemento archivado.

El alma de los Sims

Prototipo del algoritmo para las motivaciones de los personajes, en el juego The Sims.


This is the prototype for the soul of The Sims, which Will Wright wrote on January 23, 1997.

I had just started working at the Maxis Core Technology Group on "Project X" aka "Dollhouse", and Will Wright brought this code in one morning, to demonstrate his design for the motives, feedback loop and failure conditions of the simulated people. While going through old papers, I ran across this print-out that I had saved, so I scanned it and cleaned the images up, and got permission from Will to publish it.

This code is a interesting example of game design, programming and prototyping techniques. The Sims code has certainly changed a lot since Will wrote this original prototype code. For example, there is no longer any "stress" motive. And the game doesn't store motives in global variables, of course.

My hope is that this code will give you a glimpse of how Will Wright designs games, and what was going on in his head at the time!

martes, febrero 12, 2008


Varias colecciones


Virtualización del SO Moka5

Máquina virtual para el sistema operativo, basada en el VMWare Player.


What do you get when you cross two major trends in IT: virtualization and USB storage? You get Moka5, that's what, says John Tränkenschuh. Moka5 combines the 4+ gigabytes of storage you have on your flash drive with VMWare player, which results in the ability to play with all kinds of operating systems without needing to install a Virtualization player on your favorite PC.

Virtualización del SO Moka5

Moka5: virtualización

What do you get when you cross two major trends in IT: virtualization and USB storage? You get Moka5, that's what, says John Tränkenschuh. Moka5 combines the 4+ gigabytes of storage you have on your flash drive with VMWare player, which results in the ability to play with all kinds of operating systems without needing to install a Virtualization player on your favorite PC.

lunes, febrero 11, 2008

Howto: besos de película

¡Con lengua! :-P

How to French Kiss - wikiHow
You have seen it done often in the movies and probably on the street in darkened corners. The French kiss is a timeless and passionate gesture of romantic affection. Whether you live in Paris, France, or Paris, Texas, you can learn how to kiss like the French do without an embarrassing faux pas!

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Lenguajes artificiales

Lenguajes que podrían ser aplicables al diseño de herramientas de interacción.

About AllNoun
AllNoun utiliza sólo "etiquetas nominales" para construir oraciones complejas. Podría valer como base para mi lenguaje de tags.

Interlingua - Wikipedia

Lenguaje tipo Lojban, pero más popular
Breinstrup, Thomas, Preface, Interlingua course for beginners, Bilthoven, Netherlands: Union Mundial pro Interlingua, 2006.

Garrett's Links to Logical Constructed Languages
(also known as loglangs)

Herramienta de análisis web de 3ª generación

Herramienta de anlálisis de tráfico que hace correlaciones entre las tareas realizadas por los usuarios.

Nuconomy Emerges To Provide Next Generation Site Analytics
Correlation is a big party of Nuconomy, which shows how things on the site affect other things. Do more posts/articles mean more page views? Does one author get more comments but less page views? How do photo uploads affect the number of comments? And so on. See image above for how it is presented.

Web semántica: las joyas de la corona

Artículo /. - varias empresas potentes están liberando las APIs de sus motores semánticos.

Slashdot | Semantic Web Getting Real

The Internet
a little searching revealed that Reuters just opened access to their corporate semantic technology crown jewels. For free. For anyone. Their Calais API lets you turn unstructured text into a formal RDF graph in about one second.

domingo, febrero 10, 2008

Revisión anual del coche - consejos de taller


Si tienes que llevar tu coche a revisión te interesa leer las recomendaciones que da CECU para escoger un taller y conocer todos tus derechos. Para que no te den 'gato por liebre'. ¡Buen viaje!

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Revision semanal del coche

Cómo hacer una pequeña revisión al coche antes de iniciar un viaje
elementos básicos que se deben revisar antes de iniciar un viaje en coche.

Son comprobaciones que no nos llevan mucho tiempo (en 15 o 20 minutos podemos tener todo listo) y que nos pueden dar bastante tranquilidad en el viaje.

A continuación os incluyo los principales puntos que se tratan en el video, podéis imprimir la lista y llevarla para hacerle una pequeña revisión, que si bien hay que hacer durante todo el año, en viajes como los de Semana Santa es más recomendable todavía.
  • Comprobar el desgaste de los neumáticos
  • Comprobar la presión de los neumáticos, en frío, teniendo en cuenta si vamos a llevar más carga de la habitual
  • Comprobar los flancos de los neumáticos por si tienen algún golpe
  • Comprobar si se nota una fricción metálica en los frenos al pisarlos
  • Aceite: revisar la fecha de cambio. Si hay que añadirlo, hacerlo en frío.
  • Comprobar niveles de líquido de dirección asistida, frenos, anticongelante y limpiaparabrisas
  • Comprobar que las todas luces funcionan y asegurarse que llevamos el juego de recambio
  • Revisar que llevamos el gato, la llave y la presión de la rueda de repuesto
  • Comprobar que llevamos a mano la documentación del vehículo, incluida la póliza del seguro y el justificante de pago
  • Comprobar que llevamos el chaleco reflectante
    (obligatorio, en la guantera o accesible desde el puesto del
    conductor), los dos triángulos de avería homologados
    (obligatorios) y una linterna (recomendado)
  • Estudiar la colocación de la carga,
    situando las maletas más pesadas en la parte inferior del
    maletero. Nunca dejar objetos sueltos, a 50 km/h un paraguas impactando
    contra nuestra cabeza pesa más de lo que parece.

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viernes, febrero 08, 2008

Análisis de seguridad al navegar a un sitio web

Esta página avisa si un sitio web es seguro o sospechoso.

SiteAdvisor - Análisis
SiteAdvisor Análisis

Éste es el lugar ideal para profundizar un poco más y explorar los detalles de nuestro análisis, unirse a nuestra red de revisores o tener más información sobre nuestra metodología de comprobación.

Guía de uso de OpenID

A simple guide to using OpenID | JasonBagley.com
Open ID logoOpen ID logoI am sure most of you have heard of OpenID some time or another. Simply put, OpenID is replacing the need for you to remember thousands of usernames and passwords we all have scattered across the web. So in essence, all you need to do is be signed up with an OpenID provider such as myOpenID.com, and whenever you log into your favourite web site/app/service that uses OpenID, you provide your OpenID credentials (which is a URL), and you are able to login.

miércoles, febrero 06, 2008

Cómo se leen las declaraciones de tipo en C

What the heck does the following mean?
int (*(*vtable)[])();

How To Read C Declarations
The rule goes like this:

Start at the variable name (or innermost construct if no identifier
is present. Look right without jumping over a right parenthesis; say
what you see. Look left again without jumping over a parenthesis; say
what you see. Jump out a level of parentheses if any. Look right;
say what you see. Look left; say what you see. Continue in this
manner until you say the variable type or return type.

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Calculadora de rendimiento ADSL, por operadoras

En función de la distancia al nodo telefónico

Distancia a la central ADSL. Disponibilidad ADSL. Cobertura ADSL.
El siguiente formulario le va a permitir conocer la central telefonica de adsl y/o vdsl2 vdsl a la cual pertenece su numero de telefono, estimara la distancia en metros a la que se encuentra usted de la misma, y le dara las velocidades medias calculadas en cada modalidad ADSL, de cada uno de los operadores que operan en su zona. Recuerde indicar en el campo direccion, Calle, Avenida, Plaza, etc. Los datos que usted utiliza no son almacenados ni sometidos a ningun tratamiento automatizado. El sistema esta aun en version Beta. Si usted obtiene datos incongruentes por favor notifiquelo a webmaster@adslnet.ws indicando su numero de telefono y direccion utilizada en la consulta. Nuestro sistema tambien registra los errores, con lo cual si se le ha producido algun error en alguna direccion, intentelo mas tarde porque nuestros tecnicos estan constantemente depurando la aplicacion. Ademas hemos habilitado un nuevo foro Distancia a la central ADSL VDSL VDSL2.Los datos VDSL VDSL2 está en fase Beta y pueden no ser aún mostrados para gran parte de las centrales.Muchas Gracias.

Cómo descocer un huevo duro

Según cuentan en The man who unboiled an egg
(“El hombre que ‘descoció’ un huevo”) un
poco de Borohidruro de sodio, o Vitamina C en su defecto, devuelve un
huevo hervido a su estado líquido original en apenas tres horas.

The man who unboiled an egg | Compare and buy | The Observer

The man who unboiled an egg

He can measure the pressure inside a chip and has worked out how to produce 24 litres of mayonnaise from a single egg. Hervé This, France's most famous chemist - and inspiration to Heston Blumenthal - gives Ian Phillips the strangest cooking tips he's ever heard

Guardian Unlimited

Hervé This is on a mission. 'By the time I die, I want cooking to have changed,' he says. In his native France, Hervé This (pronounced 'Tiss') is a star, the country's most famous chemist. He appears on TV and radio, his books are bestsellers, government ministers ring him for advice and there is a travelling exhibition based on his work.

In this country, one of Hervé's biggest fans is Heston Blumenthal, with whom Hervé, 51, has worked on several experiments. 'So much of cooking is mystique,' Blumenthal says. 'That way, it makes chefs look like geniuses. But the more we can explain, the more approachable it becomes. That's how food will move forward and Hervé has turned many things on their head.'

Article continues
His specialism is the science of cooking. For him, every foodstuff is 'a chemical mixture'. 'When aromatic compounds are formed on the surface of a roast,they are the result of a chemical reaction. When mushrooms turn black after being chopped, it is the fruit of a chemical reaction.'

Over the years, his musings on chemical reactions have led to a number of discoveries. He has worked out how to uncook an egg. He has calculated that you can produce 24 litres of mayonnaise with a single yolk. He has invented a Béarnaise sauce by replacing butter with melted chocolate, as well as 'chocolate chantilly' (a form of whipped chocolate prepared in the same way as crème chantilly). He's baked an egg for an hour at 55°C, managing somehow to leave the yolk 'exceptionally smooth and tender'.

Almost 10 years ago, Hervé investigated colloids (substances that are neither completely solid nor liquid, such as emulsions, mousses and gels) and devised a system of formulae based on the dispersion of gases, liquids and solids within each other.

'It can be used to invent an infinite number of dishes,' he claims. He told Pierre Gagnaire, one of France's leading chefs, about his find, and the chef came up with a new recipe called Saint-Jacques 'Faraday' - an emulsion created with scallops, orange-flavoured oil, smoked tea and gelatine. Every month Hervé sends Gagnaire an idea from his lab which the chef incorporates into a recipe. (A collection of them is posted on Gagnaire's website.)

Hervé has taught at the universities of Tours and Montpellier, and has his own laboratory at the venerable Collège de France, which, today, is also the base for all four of France's living Nobel prize winners. One of them, Jean-Marie Lehn, invited Hervé to join his department in 1995. In Hervé's laboratory, there is a cupboard full of chemical compounds such as sulphuric acid, sodium carbonate and Mercurochrome, while the shelves are stacked with things you'd normally associate with the kitchen: bottles of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, pots of mustard and cinnamon, bags of salt and shallots, and a bar of chocolate. There are also piles of notebooks, in which he notes down his experiments, as well as literary sayings and advice he comes across.

'I go through ancient recipe books, preferably from the 18th and 19th centuries, jot down what they have to say and test it,' he says. He says that Madame de Saint-Ange (who wrote the bible of bourgeoise cuisine in 1927) is a mine of sayings, but that much of her advice is incorrect. More exact are Le Livre de Cuisine by Jules Gouffé (first published in 1867) and Auguste Escoffier's Guide Culinaire. 'Some of Escoffier's advice is startlingly sound,' says Hervé. He recommended, for example, that pepper be added to a stock only eight minutes before it is taken off the heat. The explanation, Hervé has discovered, is that further cooking means the more desirable, spicy aromatic molecules volatilise and are replaced by bitter tannins.

'There is no limit to Hervé's curiosity,' says the three-Michelin-starred chef, Antoine Westermann. He arrives at his lab at 7:30am and works non-stop. Once, during his summer holidays, he wrote three books, taking breaks only to play ping-pong with his two sons. For those in the profession, however, he makes himself far more available. 'He doesn't work for financial gain,' says Gagnaire. 'Simply to transmit his knowledge.' According to American Vogue's food critic, Jeffrey Steingarten, Hervé has the tools to do so: 'He's an exciting lecturer. He talks fast and loud, cracks jokes and is quite a showman. He has the audience in the palm of his hand.'

On the morning of our second meeting, Hervé measures the pressure inside a chip. He's aiming to disprove a famous scientific paper which states that oil infiltrates chips during cooking. He heats oil to 168°C, measures a chip, hooks it up to a manometer and plunges it in the oil. Unfortunately, the experiment goes wrong and ends up with the chip falling to the bottom of the pan. He is unconcerned. 'In order to come up with conclusive results, I'll have to carry it out 100 times.'

He then shows me several other experiments. There is a jar full of pears and a few bits of tin. There is a quail's egg that has been standing in vinegar for three years. The acid has attacked its shell and made it translucent. By osmosis, it has swelled up to about four times its original size. Hervé says that it has the same consistency as a hard-boiled egg and could be eaten in a salad.

But what really intrigues me, of course, is exactly how he managed to unboil an egg. He explains that when an egg is cooked, the protein molecules unroll themselves, link up and enclose the water molecules. In order to 'uncook' the egg, you need to detach the protein molecules from each other. By adding a product like sodium borohydride, the egg becomes liquid within three hours. For those who want to try it at home, vitamin C also does the trick.

While the discovery may be fun, it does not have many practical applications (most of us prefer our eggs both cooked and flavoured with salt rather than strange chemicals). Many of his other results, however, can be applied to everyday cooking. He says that adding oil to water while cooking spaghetti does not prevent the different strands from sticking together - unless you use very little water and litres of oil. He advises that, in order for a poached or fried egg white to be evenly cooked, you should sprinkle a little salt around the yolk (it speeds up the cooking of a protein found there, which coagulates less easily than the other proteins in the egg white).

martes, febrero 05, 2008

Estilos cognitivos

Paper - artículo sobre tendencias estadísticas en los modelos mentales de los usuarios de motores de búsqueda.

Information seeking and mediated searching. Part 4. Cognitive styles in information seeking analysis

This is the fourth in a series resulting from a joint, UK/USA research project. The analysis reported here sought to test a number of hypotheses linking global/analytic cognitive styles and aspects of researchers' problem-solving and related information seeking behavior. One hundred and eleven post-doctoral researchers were assessed for Witkin's field-dependence/-independence using Riding's Cognitive Styles Analysis and for Pask's holist/serialist biases using items from Ford's Study Processes Questionnaire. These measures were correlated with the researchers' perceptions of aspects of their problem-solving and information-seeking behavior, and with those of the search intermediary who performed literature searches on their behalf. A number of statistically significant correlations were found. Field-independent researchers were more analytic and active than their field-dependent counterparts. Holists engaged more in exploratory and serendipitous behavior, and were more idiosyncratic in their communication than serialists.

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Diseño de interaccion de las búsquedas

John Ferrara
Search Behavior Patterns - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

A search engine on an organization’s website or intranet is
often built to support an overly narrow model of user behavior, which
goes something like this:

  • User types in a search
  • Search engine gives back matching results
  • User reads the results and picks the best one

Better still, it asks very little of the user interface—only that
it provide some way to submit a search, and some list in response.

such simple models overlook the fact that humans are complex,
convoluted, capricious, mutable, moody, multifaceted beings with
broadly differing backgrounds, competencies, and frames of reference.
(1) In practice, this can make the requirements for search interfaces
quite a bit more complicated.

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KDE 4 en Slackware

Scripts de compilación que permiten instalarlo junto a KDE3

kde4.0.0, co-existing with kde3, on slackware-12.0 : blog.batts.mine.nu
check it out, and tell me where it breaks. i can not be responsible for this breaking any kind of your install, but if if does, do tell ;)

this is very, very, to me. on my wife’s laptop, it boots to a kdm console, where you can choose your session like normal, and kde4 is an option now!! and kde3/qt3 never have to get uninstalled.

Pipeline del procesador Rock de Sun

Un pipeline con un nuevo sistema predictivo, capaz de suspender hebras bloqueadas. Competencia del procesador Cell de las PS3.

Sun: Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?

A Rock core's pipeline. Source: Sun
In Sun's new model, instructions enter the front end of the machine, where they're decoded before being dispatched and reordered like normal. But if the instruction stream stalls for a long time while waiting on main memory to load data, Rock first saves the thread's state in a "checkpoint" and then launches a "scout thread" that runs ahead of the (now stalled and saved) main thread. This scout thread (ST) is a hardware entity that's totally invisible to the operating system, hypervisor, or whatever else has control of the processor, and in the course of execution it predicts and resolves branches, prefetches code and data, and saves its speculative state in a shadow register file. Most importantly, the scout thread can actually retire some of the instructions that it speculatively executes.

Los trabajadores generalistas mejoran la productividad general

Un modelo matemático descubre el valor de los empleados generalistas
Las anémonas pueden inspirar la organización empresarial. Tolweb.Podrían existir e incluso prosperar en el seno de las empresas, según la biología

Biólogos de la Universidad Estatal de Ohio han desarrollado un modelo matemático que demuestra que hay alternativas al modelo de trabajo clásico basado en la biología. Este modelo clásico se fundamenta en la existencia de trabajadores especializados que realizan una única función en pro de la comunidad. Los autores de este estudio han demostrado que la existencia de trabajadores no especializados en nada, pero capaces de realizar varias funciones, también resulta clave para la comunidad o para la empresa, sobre todo si ésta es pequeña.

Hechos científios sin explicación

Hechos observables a donde no llega la teoría actual de la ciencia

Trece cosas que no tienen sentido


lunes, febrero 04, 2008

Rol - Universails - Sistema tipo Matrix Game - D&D

Slashdot | The Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition Preview Books
I'm very active in the Role-Playing Felllowship of Greater Boston and lately we've been trying many new things. Probably my favorite is a small indy system called Universalis, a GM-less collaborative roleplaying/storytelling system which uses a set of simple socioeconomic feedback mechanisms to regulate the narrative and resolve conflicts without any centralized authority. This has the effect of making the game much more about creativity and interesting stories (indeed the game itself "pays" you to create conflicts in the story) than about playing what is essentially a video game on pen and paper. In a manner similar to brainstorming, Universalis combines the intellectual and creative abilities of the players in such a way that other players act as randomizing agents on your ideas, taking characters and story elements in directions that you yourself would have never thought of. I think it's absolutely brilliant, and indeed a feasible system for brainstorming and generating new and unique stories.

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8 cualidades más valiosas que "gratis"

Fundamentos de la economía de la información: ¿qué producto informativo podemos vender, si la información se copia gratis?

Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.

Well, what can't be copied?

There are a number of qualities that can't be copied. Consider "trust." Trust cannot be copied. You can't purchase it. Trust must be earned, over time. It cannot be downloaded. Or faked. Or counterfeited (at least for long). If everything else is equal, you'll always prefer to deal with someone you can trust. So trust is an intangible that has increasing value in a copy saturated world.

There are a number of other qualities similar to trust that are difficult to copy, and thus become valuable in this network economy. I think the best way to examine them is not from the eye of the producer, manufacturer, or creator, but from the eye of the user. We can start with a simple user question: why would we ever pay for anything that we could get for free? When anyone buys a version of something they could get for free, what are they purchasing?

El cableado de internet

Un barco cortó un importante cable, dejando "tocados" a muchos usuarios de internet

SeaCableHi.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1703x1037 pixels)
How one clumsy ship cut off the web for 75 million people | Technology | The Guardian
How one clumsy ship cut off the web for 75 million people

Libros online

Colección de libros online

PIDETULIBRO es un proyecto socio-cultural que se inicio a comienzos del verano del año 2.002. El objetivo de este proyecto era distribuir literatura de manera electrónica de manera totalmente gratuita para saltarse las barrera económicas que hoy en día convierten algo tan esencial como un libro en un artículo de lujo.

De esa manera queríamos acercar a muchas personas al mundo de la lectura, para así hacer crecer el espíritu crítico y la capacidad de dudar ante las normas impuestas de una sociedad corrupta.

Index of /libros
[DIR] listas/

Index of /libros/listas
[TXT] pidetulibro.html

Ofertas de telefono de las nuevas operadoras

Rubén Díaz » Experiencia personal con Yoigo
me planteo seriamente la posibilidad de cambiarme, pero, ¿a quién?

Simyo parece una buena alternativa. Nace como un operador móvil virtual low-cost (bajo coste), proveniente de la compañía holandesa KPN. Aquí las cualidades:

Tarifas de Simyo

La tarifa para Internet es de 1.1484 € diarios, con un límite de 100 MB de transferencia. Opera bajo la cobertura de Orange, y ofrece 3.5 G.

¿Ventajas reales? Seas de tarjeta o de contrato, no tienes consumo mínimo ni contrato de permanencia. Los precios tan bajos son, además de no tener que pagar su propia infraestructura, tampoco tienen terminales subvencionados, venden packs libres con una SIM.me planteo seriamente la posibilidad de cambiarme, pero, ¿a quién?

Simyo parece una buena alternativa. Nace como un operador móvil virtual low-cost (bajo coste), proveniente de la compañía holandesa KPN. Aquí las cualidades:

Tarifas de Simyo

La tarifa para Internet es de 1.1484 € diarios, con un
límite de 100 MB de transferencia. Opera bajo la cobertura de Orange, y ofrece 3.5 G.

¿Ventajas reales? Seas de tarjeta o de contrato, no tienes consumo mínimo ni contrato de permanencia.
Los precios tan bajos son, además de no tener que pagar su
propia infraestructura, tampoco tienen terminales subvencionados,
venden packs libres con una SIM.

Otro operador virtual del que aún no se tienen muchos datos, con el nombre de OperadorVirtual, ofrecen las siguientes tarifas (hay que sumar el 16% de IVA):

Tarifas de OperadorVirtual

Por lo poco que sé, ofrecerá el plan con un consumo
mínimo de 9 €, entre otras ventajas que se describen en su

Otro operador virtual del que aún no se tienen muchos datos, con el nombre de OperadorVirtual, ofrecen las siguientes tarifas (hay que sumar el 16% de IVA):

Tarifas de OperadorVirtual

Por lo poco que sé, ofrecerá el plan con un consumo mínimo de 9 €, entre otras ventajas que se describen en su cutre-web.

Colección de design patterns para usabilidad


User Interface Design Patterns

It has long been common practice to use recurring solutions to solve common problems. Such solutions are also called design patterns. Collections of software design patterns are standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer. This website seeks to better the situation for the UI designer, who struggles with the same problems as many other UI designers have struggled with before him.

viernes, febrero 01, 2008

Las fotos más monas

Una de esas webs en las que la gente escoge mediante competición, qué foto es la más mona. Por el autor de xkcd.com.

The Cutest
by xkcd

TheCutest.info is a project to try to find the cutest image in the world, using voting and some algorithms.