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jueves, febrero 28, 2008

Proyectos desde cero

Metáfora para gestión de proyectos que empiezan de cero.

Adding the Easy Piece; or, The Metaphor of the Rock | Oliver Steele
This perspective – the size of the rock – is the static view of code size. It’s concerned with how to move rocks of a fixed size. The static> view is the right view for maintenance programming. It’s the right view for (most of) version three of a product, where most of the program is unchanged from version two. Often it’s the right view for version two as well.

For a greenfield project – a project where you’re (mostly) not modifying an existing system, but (mostly) starting from scratch – the static view is too limited. In a greenfield project, you’re not just moving the rock. You’re building it too

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