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jueves, febrero 21, 2008

Egagd: servicio web para gestionar tu atención

Por fin, éste es el servicio web que llevaba años buscando: un gestor de atención, flexible y estandarizado.

Servicios soportados

Frequently Asked Questions - Faraday.Engagd | Google Groups

What is APML?

APML stands for Attention Profiling Markup Language. It is a
file format for storing a user's Attention Profile. Learn more at www.apml.org

What is an Attention Profile?

An Attention Profile is a list of the topics and sources you
are interested in, and a value representing your level of interest in

What can you do with an Attention Profile/APML file?

Anything you like. It is an open, free standard that you can use in
all sorts of magical ways. We are still discovering interesting uses
for HTML, RSS and OPML - innovation is the name of the game. Refer to
the 'Usage Scenarios' on the
site for some initial ideas. Also refer to the Questions below 'What is
Profiler' and 'What is ItemRank' to learn what Engagd can do with APML.

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