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martes, febrero 05, 2008

Diseño de interaccion de las búsquedas

John Ferrara
Search Behavior Patterns - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

A search engine on an organization’s website or intranet is
often built to support an overly narrow model of user behavior, which
goes something like this:

  • User types in a search
  • Search engine gives back matching results
  • User reads the results and picks the best one

Better still, it asks very little of the user interface—only that
it provide some way to submit a search, and some list in response.

such simple models overlook the fact that humans are complex,
convoluted, capricious, mutable, moody, multifaceted beings with
broadly differing backgrounds, competencies, and frames of reference.
(1) In practice, this can make the requirements for search interfaces
quite a bit more complicated.

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