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lunes, febrero 25, 2008

El juego infinito

Una forma de ver la vida

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The Finite rules are all based on an assumption that the game is going to end (sometime, whenever you die) and in order to win you need to die Ahead, by whatever rules you choose to play--Die with more money. Die owning a house. Die having written a screenplay. You Win! The finite game is over when you die and all you have to do is check the scoreboard to see how you came out. But an Infinite game rejects that by first fundamentally rejecting the idea that the Game ever really ends--it's horribly shortsighted and selfish to define the Game only in terms of your own existence, because of course the universe will go on after you're gone, the world will keep turning, all the games will keep being played, and your contributions to them will continue to ripple long after you're gone.

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