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jueves, febrero 28, 2008

Javascript: el "LISP" más extendido

Javascript es muy buen lenguaje para programación funcional y rapid application development

Functional Javascript 1.0.2 | Oliver Steele
Thanks to everyone who has commented or contributed, praised or pitched in —- I’ve released an update to Functional Javascript

Yes, and the most interesting thing about JavaScript is that it is arguably the most successful and widely deployed Lisp ever. Before you laugh, it has procedures as first class objects, can eval code, has lexical closures
... it's an absolutely rocking language if you want to do functional things. I love it for prototyping up algorithms.

Take a look at Functional JavaScript [osteele.com]. Extensions for functional programming.

Or the great Prototype [prototypejs.org]Library. Note the functions like 'reduce' that can apply to array.

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