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jueves, febrero 28, 2008

Mónadas prácticas

Artículos prácticos sobre uso de mónadas, en varios lenguajes

Monads on the Cheap I: The Maybe Monad | Oliver Steele
This is a practical post about a code smell that afflicts everyday
code, and about an idiom that eliminates that smell. It just so happens
that this idiom corresponds to one of the uses for monads in Haskell,
but that’s just theory behind the practice, and I’ve saved the theory
for the end.

More Monads on the Cheap: Inlined fromMaybe | Oliver Steele
This article is about how to deal with null values. It follows up on this one. It’s intended for code stylists: people who care a lot about the difference between one line of code and two, or keeping control statements and temporary variables to a minimum.

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