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martes, febrero 05, 2008

Estilos cognitivos

Paper - artículo sobre tendencias estadísticas en los modelos mentales de los usuarios de motores de búsqueda.

Information seeking and mediated searching. Part 4. Cognitive styles in information seeking analysis

This is the fourth in a series resulting from a joint, UK/USA research project. The analysis reported here sought to test a number of hypotheses linking global/analytic cognitive styles and aspects of researchers' problem-solving and related information seeking behavior. One hundred and eleven post-doctoral researchers were assessed for Witkin's field-dependence/-independence using Riding's Cognitive Styles Analysis and for Pask's holist/serialist biases using items from Ford's Study Processes Questionnaire. These measures were correlated with the researchers' perceptions of aspects of their problem-solving and information-seeking behavior, and with those of the search intermediary who performed literature searches on their behalf. A number of statistically significant correlations were found. Field-independent researchers were more analytic and active than their field-dependent counterparts. Holists engaged more in exploratory and serendipitous behavior, and were more idiosyncratic in their communication than serialists.

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