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jueves, enero 31, 2008

7 maravillas abandonadas

7 grandes estructuras abandonadas en Rusia tras la caída de la unión soviética.
Incluye enlaces a otras galerías del mismo tipo en otros países.

WebUrbanist » 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Former Soviet Union: Deserted Cities, Buildings, Bases and More

Deserted Rural Russian City Buildings

Abandoned City

miércoles, enero 30, 2008

Las fotos más bonitas del mundo

Fotos más votadas de rincones del planeta. Incluye la lista global, y otras dos separadas por sexo de los votantes.

Top 10

martes, enero 29, 2008

Cómo crear "entregables" robustos

Qué necesitan llevar los entregables del proceso de diseño, para que sirvan a su propósito de comunicarse con los desarrolladores.

Getting The Most From Design Deliverables
Getting The Most From Design Deliverables

Goal #1: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Goal #2: Reducing Development Costs

Goal #3: Making Edge Conditions Explicit

Madurez de mercado de los productos tecnológicos

Ciclo de vida de productos tecnológicos, desde el punto de vista de la facilidad de uso.

Market Maturity

Summary of Stages

Stage Users Want Usability Means Developers

Focus on
Raw Iron The basic capability The product works Technical issues and delivery
Checklist Battles The best set of features Having the right functions Adding features and fixing bugs
Productivity Wars To get their work done better and faster Easy to learn, fast, powerful Performance support, reducing technical support costs
Transparency Lowest cost The product is invisible Reducing costs or seeking

Linux - análisis de la nueva generación de gestores de paquetes

+5 insightful. Analiza las influencias, necesidades y estado de las soluciones actuales para hacer gestores de paquetes multi-distro.

Gmane -- Mail To News And Back Again
Potential solution? A mostly informal, flexible base set
maintained by a standard heirarchical team rather than a
committee who are willing to patch upstream binaries in
order to maintain compatibility with pre-existing code: the
Microsoft approach

- Not as extreme, majority of software on free desktop
free software, can be upgraded for zero dollars
(automatically?) even if it's a pain for the user, so
affects breaking change cost/benefit analysis

- However, basic theory is the same: don't break
compatibility, this is more than ABI/API stability and
includes things like buggy behaviour apps depend on.

- We want to support games, these are almost always
proprietary and worse they have a max shelflife of a few
months: vendors often not interested in fixing bugs after
this date, even if people are still playing years after

El paradigma Target-Action de objetos en NeXT y Mac OS X

Rixstep — Serious Software
the NeXT method is unique in offering what is known as the 'target-action paradigm', yet another reason why NS remains far and above the best. This article looks a bit into the target-action paradigm, compares it to Windows and other methods, and explains how and why the other methods fall short.

Manual de economía

Curso completo online de conceptos económicos

Manual de Economía EMVI - Texto completo
Manual básico de Economía EMVI


Virtudes e Inconvenientes

Powered by ScribeFire.

lunes, enero 28, 2008

Historia gráfica de la comunicación visual

Serie de ensayos sobre la evolución de los elementos gráficos, desde la prehistoria hasta el ordenador pasando por las vanguardias artísticas.

The History of Visual Communication
The primary tool by which man has visualised ideas is through the usage of writing and, by extension, type: Writing/type is the visual manifestation of the spoken word. And words are what we communicate with. Thus it is no overstatement when we say that type is the essence of visual communication and by extension of visual communication design. Type, where it is present, is simply the single most important element that you put on a page, since it inherently carries the essence of communication and communication is what our subject of study as graphic/multimedia designers is all about. Thus, the history of visual communication, i.e. the history of the visualisation of the spoken word, will largely follow the development of typographic systems, with a special focus on the Latin typographic system, given that this is the one that we are operating under.

Más de 40 razones para ser ingeniero

¿Por qué ser ingeniero? « Bienvenidos al desierto de lo real

  1. -Porque me mola eso de tener 4 ó 5 horas de examen y que aún te falte tiempo.

  2. -Porque veo en 3D y en diédrico lo que otros ni ven.

  3. -Porque… porque…? por qué??? por quéeeeeeeee??? Eso me pregunto yo a todas horas.
  4. -Porque de algo hay que morir, y como no fumo…

  5. -Porque me gusta la técnica de ensayo y error, y error, y error, y error….

jueves, enero 24, 2008

SaxenOS - Linux moderno para ordenadores muy obsoletos

Basado en la distro ZenWalk, basada en Slackware

SaxenOS - New Power for old hardware
SaxenOS is an easy to install, familiar to use and lightweight operating system for x86 computers. It fits complete with office, multimedia and internet applications on one CD. The hardware system requirements are quite low. Already an old Pentium 2, 350 MHz with 128 MB RAM and a 2 GB harddisk is enough.

Cuando el modelo de la aplicación provoca errores terribles

The Scott Adams Meltdown: Anatomy of a Disast
The blog programmers didn't invent this error. Microsoft, for years and years, has been sabotaging new users with their “Save Changes?” dialog that greets the user when they attempt to close a document window. I had a friend of generally high intelligence, but new to computers, who spent eight hours creating a long and complex document, one he assumed was being continuously saved as had been done when he used a typewriter or pen and paper.

Right before he was ready to quit, he decided to make a few changes to what he had written. Then he clicked on the close box only to be asked, “...Save changes?” He considered what he had typed in the last few minutes and decided that it was better before his changes. He clicked, “No.” Instantly, his last 8 hours of work was irrevocably deleted.

miércoles, enero 23, 2008

El arte explicado a los frikis

Este italiano publica de vez en cuando en su blog una tira de cuadros famosos, reinterpretados a través de la mirada de la cultura friki - geek - tecnoaficionada.
Algunos son arte moderno de primera clase.

Understanding art for geeks #19

No intentes refrescar la página para recargar la imagen. La gracia está en fijarse bien :-)

HOWTO: ser un buen director de proyecto

Pasos útiles para gestionar un equipo, aprendidos de la experiencia.

How Do I Become an IT/IS Manager?
  1. Customer priorities, as set by my group manager. It doesn't matter
    what the clients who request work from my manager think their
    priorities are; it matters only what my manager knows the priorities are. He sees things from a much larger perspective than any individual client.
  2. Intra-team communications. We have a weekly meeting, which usually
    only takes about 15 minutes, so that each of us is aware of what the
    others are working on. While this information is usually not
    immediately useful, it often becomes so after a few weeks have passed.
    An example just today is a query I'd written that pertained directly to
    what two of my employees were working on.
  3. Conflicts with regular employees. It doesn't matter how many angels
    surround you and your team, there will always be at least one asshole.
    Watch out for this person (male or female, it can be either or both)
    and try to figure out how best to address his or her needs without
    upsetting the other priorities set for your team.
  4. Excess of meetings. My own advice: dial in to every meeting to
    which you're invited (assuming the meetings aren't in-person-- if they
    are, you're just screwed). Give the meeting about 20% of your attention
    and continue working on something else with the other 80% (with the
    phone muted, of course). If your name comes up, reverse those
    proportions immediately, then switch back once the conversation's done
    with you. I'm not saying to only give 20% of your energy to any given
    effort. I'm only suggesting that in most meetings, you can listen with
    20% of your attention while continuing to get measurable work done with
    the other 80%. There have been many meetings in which I never did need
    to switch gears at all, for that matter.
  5. I work for an intelligent manager (the opposite of a PHB) who has a
    very clear and concise vision toward which he wants our entire group
    (which comprises much more than my contract team) to work. As a result,
    particularly since he is an attendee at my weekly meetings, we are
    slowly but surely able to aim toward that goal.

Otro Media Center para Linux

Basado en GStreamer

Elisa 0.3.3 turns Linux into a movie theater
The developers at Fluendo have been working on an open-source, cross-platform media center application called Elisa. Version 0.3.3, which was released last week, includes a complete user interface overhaul that dramatically improves usability.

Líneas maestras de la CMT sobre la regulación de la fibra óptica

La CMT publica las bases de la regulación de las redes de nueva generación FTTH :: ADSL Zone : Portal y Foro sobre ADSL ADSL2+ VDSL2 Imagenio

Resumen de las líneas maestras sobre la regulación de las redes de nueva generación

La CMT apuesta por FTTH (fibra hasta el hogar) lo cual es un gran
acierto ya esta tecnología está ofreciendo
magníficos resultados en otros países de Europa
más avanzados.

Asimismo, el regulador propone que
haya varias redes compitiendo además del operador incumbente, en
este caso Telefónica. De este modo se fomentaría la
competencia y el usuario final dispondría de diferentes
alternativas a diferente precio.

La CMT reconoce que los operadores que no inviertan en fibra van a estar en segundo plano porque no van a poder replicar las ofertas ni ofrecer los mismos servicios.

regulación es muy compleja y en ella está el futuro a
largo plazo de las telecomunicaciones en España. Por ello, la
CMT tiene que realizar análisis de mercados para comprobar si
existe competencia, antes de imponer obligaciones a los operadores. A
lo largo del 2008 se irán conociendo más detalles y en
sólo tres meses, finalizará el plan piloto de Telefónica que podría ser el pistoletazo de salida para el lanzamiento comercial de la modalidad 30 Mbps / 1 Mbps

martes, enero 22, 2008

Búsqueda avanzada - cómo conseguir que sirva para algo

Advancing Advanced Search - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Fig. 1: A typical separation of standard and advanced search (Yahoo!). The design discourages use of advanced search.

Plantillas habituales que son malas y habría que eliminar

horizontal scanning issues
Design View / Andy Rutledge - Killing Some Bad Layout Conventions
As good design further penetrates the Web, once highly-regarded conventions fall into disfavor and are replaced by more effective ones. Yet some flawed conventions persist. In fact, they persist on some pretty high-profile websites; to their detriment.

Escritorio remoto en Unix - FreeNX

Cliente seguro para sesiones remotas en X Windows sobre redes lentas.

NX technology - Wikipedia
NX technology is a computer program that makes fast, secure, remote X Window System connections to enable users to access remote Linux and Unix desktop sessions, and is fast enough even over a low bandwidth and high latency data link such as provided by a modem. It is developed by Gian Filippo Pinzari at the Italian software company NoMachine.

Los ciclos económicos

Páginas sobre conceptos básicos y no tan básicos de economía.

Los ciclos económicos
ciclos.gif (9754 bytes)

Traducción al inglés de términos financieros y contables

Diccionario Inglés - Español de Términos Financieros
Este diccionario inglés-español constituye una herramienta de consulta práctica y confiable para todo tipo de inversores.
La obra reúne gran cantidad de términos relacionados con acciones, bonos, divisas, derivados, bancos y otras instituciones financieras, y mucho más.

Cómo tratar con un jefe desorganizado

Dealing with an Unorganized Boss at Productivity501
This is the first in a series of posts listing common problems you’ll face with an unorganized supervisor and some suggestions on how to best deal with them.

Cómo convencer a tu jefe para permitirte el teletrabajo

Convince Your Boss to Let you Work from Home at Productivity501

Determine the Business Reason You Should Be Allowed to Work From Home


This is where I see most people fail. Here are some of the things

employees are likely to say and what their boss is going to actually


  • I’ll be able to spend more time with my kids. Boss hears: I’ll

    spend half of my time babysitting instead of working. Clients will

    hear screaming babies in the back ground when they call me.
  • I won’t have to deal with the long commute and traffic. Boss hears: I’ll
    spend my first 45 minutes of work waking up and eating breakfast.
    I’m looking forward to working all day in my pajamas.

Notice that each of these items focus on the advantages for the

employee. No matter how nice, your boss doesn’t really care if working

from home would be convenient for you. You are working for money–not

for your convenience. If you want your boss to get on board, you need

to address issues that your boss is actually concerned about. Here are

a couple things that might concern your boss:

  1. Lack of offices and cubicles for new hires.
  2. Increasing employee productivity.
  3. Attracting and retaining valuable employees.
  4. Increasing billable hours.
  5. Being environmentally friendly.
  6. Expense of employee parking.

Procastination - como superar la página en blanco

Otro recuerdo de cómo se supera la pereza inicial para ponerse y hacer las cosas (GTD).

7 Powerful Steps to Overcoming Resistance and Actually Getting Stuff Done | Zen Habits
1. Have all our projects and tasks stored in an external system (out of our heads), such as a to-do list or lists.

2. Pick the tasks and projects that are most important to work on.

3. Overcome the resistance to actually doing those important tasks.

viernes, enero 11, 2008

KDE: las aplicaciones vacías dan una mala primera impresión

Getting Real: The Blank Slate (by 37signals)
the natural state of the app is one that's devoid of data. When someone
signs up, they start with a blank slate. Much like a weblog, it's up to
them to populate it — the overall look and feel doesn't take shape
until people enter their data: posts, links, comments, hours, sidebar
info, or whatever.
Unfortunately, the customer decides if an application is worthy at this
blank slate stage — the stage when there's the least amount of
information, design, and content on which to judge the overall
usefulness of the application. When you fail to design an adequate
blank slate, people don't know what they are missing because everything
is missing.

First impression matters « Aurélien’s room

As an example, here is the KMix main window on my laptop on the
first start (rm ~/.kde/share/config/kmixrc to check how it looks on
your machine):

First impression matters

Not really handy, is it?

After fiddling a bit with the code, here is it what I got:

First impression matters

Por qué el canon digital mata la cultura

Este argumento explica que el canon sobre los dispositivos digitales para pagar a los creadores de música sólo sirve para que las grandes industrias hagan lo posible para matar la innovación.

The Music Industry’s Last Stand Will Be A Music Tax
Music industry revenues will be a set size, regardless of the quality or type of music they release. Incentives to innovate will evaporate. There will only be competition for market share, with no attempt to build the size of market or serve less-popular niches. Forget labels building new brands and encouraging early artists to succeed - they’ll bleed existing big names for all they are worth and work hard to keep anything new - labels, artists, and songwriters - out of the market. New entrants just means more competition for a static amount of money. Collusion by existing players will run rampant.

jueves, enero 10, 2008

Fuentes tipográficas: estudio comparativo de eficacia

Estudia cuáles se leen mejor, más deprisa, y son más bonitas.

Usability News - 4.1 2002 -- A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which Size and Type is Best?


observations can be made regarding the examined font types. First, no
significant differences in reading efficiency were detected between the
font types at any size. There were, however, significant differences in
reading time. Generally, Times and
Arial were read faster than Courier, Schoolbook, and
Georgia. Fonts at the 12-point size were read faster than fonts at the
10-point size. In addition, a font type x size interaction
was found for the perception of font legibility. In
general, however,
Arial, Courier, and Georgia were perceived as the
most legible.

font attractiveness, Georgia was perceived as being
more attractive than Arial, Courier, and Comic, while Times was perceived as more attractive than Courier. This contrasts
with participants' general preference for a particular font type. Overall, Verdana
was the most preferred font, while Times was the least preferred. Thus it
seems that the Georgia and Times serif fonts are considered more
attractive, but they are generally less preferred. Of the fonts studied,
Verdana appears to be the best overall font choice. Besides being the most
preferred, it was read fairly quickly and was perceived as being

with all studies that examine reading performance, caution should be
made in generalizing these outcomes to other font types. Many factors
should be taken into account, such as individual text characteristics,
the text size, the line and character spacing, the computer settings,
as well as the user characteristics.

Note: A discussion of our font
studies, as well as other studies related to online text can be found at http://www.optimalweb.org

Chumby, el dispositivo tecnológico amigable

Chumby es un despertador, un marco de fotos digital, un miniperiódico, un pisapapeles... Un dispositivo tecnológico conectado a internet, pensado para ser directamente útil - sin las complicaciones de un ordenador.

Chumby, el gadget más simpático - elSingular Información gratuita de gadgets y tecnologías

La particularidad de este nuevo invento es que no sigue las
tendencias habituales de los gadgets de última
generación. Estamos acostumbrados a ver como aparecen nuevos
aparatos donde la arrogancia tecnológica y el derroche de
prestaciones se presentan como el máximo atractivo e incentivo
de compra, el "Chumby" sin embargo es una cosita modesta que solamente
pretende que le hagas un pequeño espacio en tu escritorio o en
tu mesita de noche y le permitas que te anime las horas con sus alegres
y simpáticas aplicaciones.


"Chumby" es una especie de "minimonitor"
del tamaño aproximado de un mini-despertador y que está
dotado con dos puertos USB 2.0, 64 MB de SDRAM, altavoces
estéreo, acceso WiFi y pantalla táctil
de 3,5 pulgadas y 320 x 240 píxeles de resolución.
Está conectado 24 horas al día y desde Internet
podrás descargarte los widgets que desees que muestre el aparatito.

Libro sobre refactorización

Slashdot | Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code
"Refactoring (as I'll refer to the book from here on in) is a heavy and beautifully produced 418 page hardback book. The author is a UK-based independent consultant who has worked on many large systems and has written several other books including UML-Distilled. Refactoring is a self-help book in the tradition of Code Complete by Steve McConnell. It defines its audience clearly as working programmers and provides a set of problems, a practical and easily followed set of remedies and a rationale for applying those techniques."

Mapas de complejidad: cómo reducir la parte de complejidad que no necesitas.

Complexity Map | documentation > introduction

Desired functionality vs accidental complexity

So, if accidental complexity
is not measured during a development trajectory, it might become a
substantial part of the application without the application's owners
realizing it. Accidental complexity is an unwanted by-product of the
development of new functionality.

Complexity Map allows accidental complexity to be
measured and managed, just as the development of new features is managed. The result is a nearly debt-free codebase and
a sustainable development process, which allows the organization to quickly release new features.

Como trabajar por tu cuenta

7 Things You Can Do TODAY to Kickstart Your Freelancing Career - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog
The start of a new year is traditionally the time to think about change. If a jump to freelancing is on your agenda, then read on for seven things you can do today to get your freelance career started.

Note that unless you’re superhuman, you probably can’t do all seven of these in one day, but you can certainly get started on them!

miércoles, enero 09, 2008

Elementos de diseño visual (aplicados a paginas web)

LukeW: Visible Narratives: Understanding Visual Organization
Putting it to use

Any given web page is composed of many distinct elements. Navigation
menus (possibly several layers deep), contact information, search
boxes, site identifiers, and shopping carts are just a few. The visual
organization of a web page can communicate valuable information about
the similarities and differences between elements and their relative
importance. Once your audience understands the significance of your
page elements, they can apply that knowledge to the rest of the site.

La magia de la tecnología

Esta idea ya la había tenido yo, aunque este la explica de forma más convincente: la metáfora más intuitiva y habitual para los objetos "mejorados" por las nuevas tecnologías, es la del "objeto mágico".

IT Conversations: Mike Kuniavsky
There must be an existing metaphor for objects that sense, analyze, communicate and act.

Yes, 'magic', meaning enchanted objects. "I do not advocate that we pretend that technology is a kind of magic, but that we use our existing cultural understanding of magic objects as an abstraction to describe the behavior of ubiquitous computing devices,", says Kuniavsky.

HOWTO: Vender y/o convencer, en 3 fáciles pasos

Three Steps to Yes: The Gentle Art of Getting Your Way eBooks

Palm Reader

Three Steps to Yes: The Gentle Art of Getting Your Way

Feature Article - What You Want - 02/01

to Gene Bedell, there are three “laws of persuasion.”
He’s not talking physics, but there is a certain Newtonian aspect
to them:

  1. Every persuasive force causes an opposite resisting force.
  2. People will let you get your way if they believe doing so will fulfill their personal needs.
  3. The other guy talks first.

HOWTO: crear un plan de negocio para una start-up

No debe ser un detallado resumen de estadísticas ficticias, sino el resultado de un estudio de campo preliminar de tus ideas innovadoras.

Before You Write a Business Plan
A startup business plan is always a good piece of fiction filled with great ideas. No one really believes what he reads in them. What venture capitalists look for before they make an investment is a proven product with strong market demand and an experienced management team. And angel investors usually invest in vision and enthusiasm.

Countdown to Product Launch (Part II)
A business model is the nuts and bolts of how a business generates revenue and profits. When preparing a business model, there are seven basics you should consider:

1. Reaching customers. How are you going to find customers or have them find you?
2. Differentiating your product. What makes you better than everyone else?
3. Pricing. What can you charge that will bring profit to you and value to the customer?
4. Selling. Learn to sell for survival and develop a sales process.
5. Distribution strategy. How will you deliver the goods?
6. Support. What does the customer do if your product breaks?
7. Customer satisfaction. How are you going to turn customers into loyal fans?

Servicios AMPL - perfil de atención en el consumo de noticias

Formato estandar de economía de la atención, y lista de servicios que lo soportan a día de hoy

APML: End Users: Services
For End Users: Services

There are a growing number of sites and services that support APML
in one way or another.

  • Workgroup

    Refer to The APML Workgroup for a list of companies helping to define and manage the spec.

  • Coming Support

    Refer to the

    Services Indicating Future Support
    Page in the Google Group for a list of services that have announced intention to support APML.

  • Current Support

    Refer to the

    Services Page
    in the Google Group for a list of services that support APML.

Attention Solution Stack

Innovación en compatibilidad web

Varios feeds de noticias relacionadas con la futura tendencia de compatibilidad de servicios web entre proveedores.

What's Next on the Web: a RWW Toolkit for 2008 - ReadWriteWeb

* An OPML file of top blogs on each subject. This is a bundle of feeds you can import into your reader.

* A filtered RSS feed of just the most popular items regarding each topic (using AideRSS).
Remember, whenever you subscribe to new RSS feeds - some of the magic
won't be visible until you mark all the initial items as read and new
ones come in again.

* A Custom Search Engine that you can bookmark and use to search inside the top news and reference sites regarding each topic.

martes, enero 08, 2008

Aplicación para reemplazar a MS Office Word

Procesador de textos del futuro: no se centra en el concepto de "páginas", sino en la estructura de la información que estás creando.

Literature and Latte - Scrivener

“The biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.”
- Michael Marshall Smith

How-not-to en el proceso web de login

Account sign-in - 8 design mistakes to avoid - GUUUI
Jared Spool has watched users struggle with online accounts and sign-in procedures. From his observations, he has compiled a list of 8 common design mistakes:

1. Requiring users to crate an account when it really isn't necessary (e.g. when buying a product or downloading a white paper)

2. Requiring users to sign in before they are ready to do so (e.g. before they can see the products they can buy)

3. Not stating the benefits to creating an account (such as the option to change flight reservations after they are made)

4. Hiding the sign-in button

5. Not making "Create New Account" or "Forgot Your Password" a button or link

Not providing sign-in opportunities when people need them (e.g. at the
checkout where it can save people for re-entering their billing

7. Asking for too much information when registering

8. Not telling users how their information will be used (e.g. not giving a reason for asking people for their phone number)

La innovación, como proceso industrial

¿Se puede "domesticar" la innovación como se hizo con la calidad

interactions magazine
Towards a model of innovation
Hugh Dubberly

Hugh Dubberly's Innovation Model

Los inventos más bonitos para el 2008

Gadgets ingeniosos e innovadores.

Monday Inspiration: Innovative Designs and Devices | Design Showcase, Monday Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Monday Inspiration: Innovative Designs and Devices

Cómo simplificar tu vida, en 4 simples pasos

The Four Laws of Simplicity, and How to Apply Them to Life | Zen Habits
It’s been nearly a decade since I first started trying to simplify my life, and in those years I’ve struggled with clutter, I’ve had surges and ebbs of complications and simplicity, I’ve tried dozens of methods of simplifying from as many sources.

I’ve boiled it down to a simple method of Four Laws of Simplicity ... that you can use on any area of your life, and in fact on your life as a whole:

1. Collect everything in one place.

2. Choose the essential.

3. Eliminate the rest.

4. Organize the remaining stuff neatly and nicely.

Tutorial de efectos 3D

PSDTuts - Photoshop Tutorials and Links - Creating A Cool 3D Web Design Effect
In this tutorial I will show you some very easy techniques, using gradients and layer styles, that we can use to produce nice subtle 3D effects in our web designs.

Módulos javascript para el diseñador web

» 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part8)
WYM Style CSS Framework - The aim of this project is to provide a set of well-tested modular CSS files, that can be used for fast design of web sites

Buscador semántico

Un buscador que funciona estudiando el significado de las palabras en la web, no sólo sus relaciones y estadísticas de frecuencia (como hace Google y los buscadores de su generación).

CompleteSearch PUBLIC DEMOS


(last updated October 2, 2007)

The English Wikipedia (November '07 dump)
about 3,000,000 documents, with category information

The German Wikipedia (June '06 dump)
about 500,000 document

DBLP computer science articles (full text + meta data)
full text + meta data from about 20,000 conference articles listed at DBLP

DBLP computer science articles (meta data only)
meta data of all the 800,000+ articles from DBLP

The local libraries: MPII + CS department
about 35,000 items

Linux man pages (beta)
about 15,000 man pages from a Debian Linux installation (sarge)

PHP documentation (beta)
the official PHP reference from www.phpnet.net

Votación electrónica llevada a los tribunales, en Alemania.

CCC | Chaos Computer Club takes legal proceedings against the voting computer in Hesse
The voters of Alsbach-Hähnlein, Bad Soden, Lampertheim, Langen, Niedernhausen, Niestetal, Obertshausen and Viernheim being forced to entrust their votes to the questionable computers.

"There is a growing resistance stirring among the population against the use of the NEDAP voting computer, known to be vulnerable to manipulation", said CCC spokesman Dirk Engling. "After a virtually identical voting machine from the same manufacturer was recently completely rejected in the Netherlands, more and more concerned citizens have turned to the CCC.

lunes, enero 07, 2008

Buscador de vuelos con selección de precio y dia

Si no tienes decidida la fecha de salida y llegada, con este buscador puedes ver qué dia es el más barato, buscando entre montones de compañías. Permite escoger aviones de compañías distintas para la ida y la vuelta.

Vuelos baratos a Dublín en enero desde Madrid



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