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sábado, abril 19, 2008

Interactive fiction - compilador natural

comentarios de slashdot /. Incluye enlaces al IF Archive, y al nuevo lenguaje de programación de Infocom Inform 7, programable en lenguaje natural (casi).

Lost Infocom Games Discovered The IF Archive [ifarchive.org] has an extensive collection of these games, and there are several [tads.org] review [wurb.com] sites [ifreviews.org] that attempt to catalog and organize the archive. The IF community has long had rec.arts.int-fiction [google.com] and rec.games.int-fiction [google.com] at their center, though with the rise of blogs and web forums it has started to fragment some. This is fascinating not just for Infocom fans, but also for programmers. For example:
Deathbot Assembly Line is a room. "Here is the heart of the whole
operation, where your opponents are assembled fresh from scrap metal
and bits of old car." The dangerous robot is a thing in the Assembly
Line. "One dangerous robot looks ready to take you on!" A robotic head,
a drill arm, a needle arm, a crushing leg and a kicking leg are parts
of the dangerous robot.

That's source code.
Inform 7 has been out for a couple years, and I've been working
intimately with it for most of that time, but I'm still impressed.

Eventyr: Hackday Dojo

- Uso del entorno Inform 7 para crear un juego "interactivo" que recibe notificación de eventos desde sensores en el mundo real
Using the 5 minutes before we started to get an idea for the resources available we came up with the idea for generating a real-world interactive game using Inform 7 and the many different sensors that had been brought by Thom Hopper.

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