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martes, abril 15, 2008

Git vs Bazaar - control de versiones GPL

Comparación de herramientas de control de versiones en software libre. Git es el sistema de Linus Torvalds. En la página de Wikipedia, hay una comparación de muchos sistemas. En el segundo, comparativa entre los dos sistemas mencionados. En el último, cómo usar sistemas distribuidos.

Comparison of revision control software - Wikipedia
The following tables compare general and technical information for notable revision control and software configuration management (SCM) software. This article is not all-inclusive and may become out of date quickly.

BzrVsGit - Bazaar Version Control
This is not intended to be an unbiased comparison, but
a list of some of the reasons for selecting Bazaar over Git, as seen
through the eyes of Bazaar developers and users. YMMV. Git is a great
tool, but different in design in many ways to Bazaar.

Distributed revision control - Wikipedia
Distributed revision control (or Distributed Version Control (Systems) (DVCS), or Decentralized Version Control) is a fairly recent innovation in software revision control. It provides some significant advantages over the more traditional centralized approach to revision control, and it has some defining characteristics that separate it from centralized systems. However, the line between distributed and centralized systems is graying in some regards, especially since DVCSs can be used in a "centralized mode".

Future of SVN

A few months ago I switched to git. Git seems like the winner - it's fast, modular, and many people are hacking on it and have written many cool tools (most of which are "built-in" git "commands.") However, its Windows support lags behind the other front-runner Mercurial. Darcs is mostly used by Haskell hackers, Monotone never seemed to really take off, and Codeville has died on the vine.

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