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miércoles, abril 23, 2008

HOW TO: Recuperar la contraseña maestra de Firefox

La contraseña de seguridad de Firefox se puede crackear con este programa.

Recover Firefox Master Password with FireMaster Recovery Tool » My Digital Life FireMaster
Security Xploded releases a password recovery tool named FireMaster to recover the Firefox master password. FireMaster is an open source software that able to recover the Firefox master password from the Firefox key database file by generating password on-the-fly using combination of various password guessing (cracking) techniques such as dictionary, hybrid and brute force method, utilizing the same password matching and verification algorithm used by Firefox itself described above, but in an optimized way. FireMaster calculates the hash of the generated password and uses the hash to decrypt the known encrypted string for the password, until it get one that matched the known string, which is the correct master password.

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