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miércoles, abril 30, 2008

Mesh: Elementos de la web como entorno integrado aplicaciones + datos

Facetas de la web como servicios de aplicaciones y datos (mesh)

Marc’s Voice » Blog Archive » How to build the mesh - #4: the Live Web

How to build the mesh - #4: the Live Web


Action Items in this area include:

- uniting IM protocols together utilizing XMPP - Meebo for everyone

- supporting standards for access and privileges controls - so one’s access controls are respected and interpreted correctly by other networks

- opt in controls - so the end-user can control whether or not their email and other info can be moved elsewhere if it’s in someone else’s Contacts list

- the pervasive notion of ‘multiple personas’ - so that one can maintain multiple sets of friends, content, etc. all within the ‘umbrella’ of a single Live Web account

- DNS-like infrastructure - so that multiple copies of the same service (eg. Twitter) - can share member databases

- and (of course) we need to continue to educate end-users on the importance of their control over their own data

Action Items in general include:

- make sure that ALL the open standards continue to rise in popularity, that all implementations are compatible with each other and that more open standards get created

- testing and compatibility labs - a place where we can guarantee that everything works together. Building a COMPATIBLE mesh will be a challenge - and it won’t ever happen if things break or don’t work.

- two-way APIs - until we can write back into systems and services as easily as we can get data from those services we won’t have a symmetrical architecture and a successful mesh environment

- establish OutputThis as a standard for content producers to list all of the destinations they’d like to route their content - to. SEE Dataportability.

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