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martes, abril 08, 2008

Compras online: cómo investigar al vendedor

How To: How To Research An Unknown Online Retailer
  • Do they have a toll free customer service number and published hours of operation?
  • Do they take credit cards? It is no guarantee of quality if they
    do, but it is one step up. I think you should generally avoid any place
    that only takes Western Union money transfers.
  • Do they have a security/hacker prevention or testing certificate?
  • Does the checkout process use an encrypted HTTPS page?
  • Are the company Privacy and About pages blank, or do they look like
    they are from a default template for an online shopping cart that was
    just set up the day before?
  • Search Google for the store name and words like "scam" and
    "customer service." It is not a good thing if all the entries are for
    people asking if a site is a scam in Yahoo Answers.

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