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jueves, abril 17, 2008

Calidad de servicio en el internet casero

Cómo configurar el router (marca Tomato) para obtener una QoS priorizando los servicios importantes

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I have been using the Hyperwrt Thibor 15c for a long time with no
problems, so now I have been attempting to setup Tomato correctly for
my new needs. My order of prioritization is as follows:


2. Browsing

3. Torrents

I would like to have my torrents as fast as possible all the time until
I need to use the phone and have Tomato ( QOS ) kick down the torrents
to low priority etc. Also would like Tomato to do this to the torrents
when I need to browse the net.

Please can you help give suggests on what to setup and how?

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