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viernes, septiembre 14, 2007

Moral religiosa desde el punto de vista de la psicología

Ensayo sobre cómo se define la moralidad en términos de recientes teorías psicológicas.

Mind Hacks: Moral psychology and religious mistakes
Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has written a thought-provoking essay for Edge
which charts the recent revolution in the psychology and neuroscience
of moral reasoning and suggests that the current critiques of religion
have mischaracterised its true nature, based on these new findings.
Haidt suggests that the recent criticisms of religion don't always reflect the best psychological understanding of what are primarily social, rather than ideological, institutions, and notes research findings showing that religious people tend to be happier and more altruistic than others.

As a self-professed non-believer and high-profile social psychologist, Haidt makes some interesting points that are bound to cause controversy.

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