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martes, septiembre 25, 2007

Cosmología de Kyoto

Un juego de ambientación oriental, que se parece más a una película de Kurosawa que a un juego de aventuras.

Home of the Underdogs - Entry: Cosmology of Kyoto
What makes Cosmology of Kyoto truly remarkable is that as you enter the town and interact with its inhabitants, you have only two choices. You can, in your arrogance, remain as you are, a contemporary Japanese or American, for example. And you won't get very far. The structure of relations that are the real art of the work won't let you. It does not allow this nonchalance with meaning.

A more interesting choice is to try and understand the world as it would have appeared to a person of the time. Then you start to make your decisions, when you meet the guard, or the priest, or the gambler, according to someone else's meaning making map of Kyoto, and indeed of the world. You work within the constraints the artists have placed in the matrix of relations that are the art of this work. The look and feel of it are just window dressing. They are not art, they are design. The art is the in the relations. Follow along the line of those relations, and you learn what it means to be in the world as the world appears from the point of view of Pure Land Buddhism.

As Roger Ebert concludes in his review, "There is the sense, illusory but seductive, that one could wander this world indefinitely. This is a wonderful game."

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