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jueves, septiembre 06, 2007

Noticias automáticas

Sitios que recopilan noticias, a partir de lo que la gente habla en la blogosfera.

September 25 2006

TechMeme Invents New Kind of Advertisment

Michael Arrington


(formerly tech.memeorandum) is a site that bloggers and others check
frequently for news. It is an entirely automated web service that looks
at what bloggers are talking about, and linking to, and decides what is
news based on that analysis. In many ways it is an anti-Digg. Humans
have no say in what appears on the TechMeme homepage, other than by
blogging about it.

TechMeme is focused on technology news. It, along with sister sites Memeorandum (politics), WeSmirch (celebrity gossip) and BallBug (baseball news), is one of the more important technical innovations that has come out of the new web.

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