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miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007

Rendimiento penoso en Windows

No soy el único al que le pasan estas cosas :-)

nowwhatthe: Performance - Win & KDE
But the CPU monitoring stuff on windows is entirely useless. Really,
wtf is that thing measuring? It seems like some random value... For
example. The following screenshot was made a little over 10 minutes
after boot. I started firefox, an explorer window (never showed up) and
Outlook. So everything stopped to redraw, most things got slow (but not
moving mouse, or even a window). So - there must be something going on,
right? Well, no. According to the system monitor, those apps which
didn't start nor redraw didn't stop working due to a lack of CPU or

(screenshot taken after minutes of waiting for a response - thought the system was busy...)

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