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martes, septiembre 04, 2007

Los rumores sobre nosotros que nunca oimos

Guía para managers con conciencia. Cómo averiguar qué dice la gente a nuestras espaldas.

scottberkun.com » The things you never hear

There’s a potential energy circling around all of us, of the
things we need to hear that will change our minds, but never get the

I wrote a short list of ways to try and get more of that energy:

  • Ask for it. Everyone I know probably has advice
    they’d like to share, but don’t think I want to hear it. If
    I ask for it I’ll push some of that potential energy over the
    tipping point. I just have to be able to graciously handle all of the
    difficult things they might say.
  • Reward those who give it. I have a handful of
    friends who will tell me the things no one else will say. I’d
    like to have more friends like this, but they’re rare and hard to
    find. I need to make sure I go out of my way to express how important
    this quality is to me - and reward people for it. I think I’ve
    lost some friends for not honoring what they gave me.
  • Act on it. If someone goes out on a limb, risking
    friendships or work relationships to express something, and then see
    nothing happen, they’re unlikely to take that risk again. But if
    I can act on what they say, even in some small way, then I’ve
    built a connection with them that they’ll use the next time
  • Make a pact. It can work best to be reciprocate -
    I’ll tell you if you tell me. Not every relationship can survive
    this kind of honesty, but having a pact in place to try and tell the
    other person what they should hear puts a useful tool in place. You can
    say, at any time “hey, remember that pact we made about telling
    each other stuff? And listening without getting mad” which helps
    soften the blow. And of course if the other guy gets pissed off and
    throws a chair at you, you’ll know it’s time to give up on
    the pact and find a new friend (or improve your chair dodging skills).

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