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martes, septiembre 04, 2007

Chistes de matemáticas

Nadie dijo que fueran buenos :-P

Eric's Favorite Math Jokes

  1. ex and a constant were walking down the street.
    Suddenly, the constant notices a differential operator walking along the
    other side of the street. "Oh, no!" exclaims the constant. "I've got to run
    away! You've got to hide me! There's a differential operator... he could
    reduce me to nothing!" "Hmmmph," came the haughty reply. "I'm
    ex. He can't do anything to me." So
    ex walked across the street and introduced himself.
    "Hi. How are you doing? I am ex," he bragged. "Pleased
    to meet you," replied the differential operator. "I'm d/dy."

    Forwarded to me by Phil Freed.

  2. Never say "N factorial," simply scream "N" at the top of your lungs.

    Mark David Biesiada

  3. Theorem: Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.
    Hey! They're all gone! Oh, well, never mind...

    Dr. David Batchelor

Gödel, Chomsky y Heisenberg entran en un bar

Heisenberg dice:

Dado que nosotros tres estamos juntos en un bar, esto debe ser un chiste.

Pero no puedo decir si tiene gracia o no

Gödel responde:

Nosotros estamos dentro del chiste, así que es imposible para nosotros decir si tiene gracia o no.

Tienes que apreciarlo desde fuera

Y Chomsky mueve la cabeza y dice:

Por supuesto que tiene gracia, lo que pasa es que lo estáis contado mal.

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