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viernes, agosto 31, 2007

Photosop avanzado (nunca se sabe)...

Técnicas de Photosop que requieren algo de conocimiento artístico por tu parte.

60 Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
I’m generally not not a huge fan of producing an effect in Photoshop that looks like it was produced in Photoshop. For instance when someone uses blending options like “glow” or “drop shadow” …and no other creative combination of anything else, & the effect IS the glow or drop shadow or the….. lens flare (god forbid.)

My thoughts are that after having used Photoshop since version 2.5 LE primarily for comping out web interfaces and some mild digital art, I’ve found that there are many features to help you but not do the work for you. You have to be creative and use the tools AND your own creativity to finish with a quality result. Otherwise you just look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Granted, there’s that saying “There’s nothing new under the sun” only our perspectives. So check out these tutorials and get inspired - if you have a tutorial you feel is worthy for me to add, email it to me and I’ll check it out.

master-adv-photoshop-tut1.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut23.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut2.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut21.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut6.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut31.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut35.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut38.png master-adv-photoshop-tut42.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut44.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut46.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut56.jpg

Web Buttons / Interface Elements:

master-adv-photoshop-tut4.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut16.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut36.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut37.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut41.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut60.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut55.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut61.jpg

Digital Coloring:

master-adv-photoshop-tut34.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut33.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut32.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut63.jpg

Digital Painting:

master-adv-photoshop-tut22.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut43.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut45.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut47.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut48.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut49.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut50.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut51.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut52.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut53.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut59.jpg master-adv-photoshop-tut64.jpg

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