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lunes, agosto 27, 2007

Diferencias entre Eclipse y MS Visual Studio

Explica sobre todo cómo se organizan los bloques de código (el concepto de workspaces, que es algo más que los proyectos).

An introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio users
An introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio users

The Eclipse workspace
A simple HelloWorld project
The workspace directory

The Eclipse workspace is a directory in the filesystem that contains a special .metadata subdirectory. The .metadata directory contains all the workspace's private information, such as settings, caches, etc. Normally, you shouldn't modify any files in the .metadata directory. The workspace directory is also the default location for new projects in Eclipse.

Generally speaking, the Eclipse workspace serves the same purpose as a Visual Studio solution: It organizes top-level projects, folders, and files in a hierarchical structure. However, there are some major differences. A Visual Studio solution merely lists the projects it contains with their interdependencies, configurations, version-control information, etc.

The Eclipse workspace does much more than that. It manages most of the nonproject information, such as global preferences, windows layout, and search and navigation history. Eclipse can't start without a workspace, and you can't close a workspace the same way you can close a Visual Studio solution. Although it is possible to switch workspaces in Eclipse, many users use a single workspace that contains all their projects.

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