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lunes, agosto 06, 2007

Paletas de colores naturales : ranas

Beautiful Color in Nature: Frogs and Toads

3 August, 2007
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They probably aren’t something you immediately think of when
thinking of beautiful colors in nature… but from poison arrows
to woodland dwellers, the world of frogs and toads is loaded with
color. Used as camouflage or a warning of toxicity, the ranges seem
unlimited. A COLOURlover, fazai38 used them for inspiration and created some great color palettes…

red-eyed tree frog

red-eyed tree frog

Frogs can lay anywhere
between only a few eggs and 30,000 at one time. The difference is in
response to the egg-laying environment, based on the amount of
predators, the size of the mother, and climate.

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