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jueves, agosto 23, 2007

Galerías de imágenes de stock gratuitas

Imágenes & fotos gratis, clipart

Graphics N Graphic Design Blog » Free Stock Photos for Graphic Designers & Web Designers
Free Stock Photos for Graphic Designers & Web Designers
January 08th 2006 Posted to photos & images

Hello All. Today, our blog is about finding free stock photography & images on the Internet. We have compiled a large list of websites that allow you to use the images on their site for free. Most of the below resources, are large compilations of photos that are both searchable and browsable. If you can’t afford to purchase stock photography, and you aren’t a camera buff, then you are going to enjoy these links and hopefully bookmark this blog entry. Just always keep in mind that every single one of these sites have different licensing rules and regulations. Make sure to read each one carefully before using them on commercial projects. Some are okay for non-commercial use only, but most of these free images sites have no restrictions at all. So, always check before using these images.

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