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lunes, agosto 20, 2007

Competencia Open Source para Google

OpenAds: Un servidor de anuncios web con licencia GPL

Advertising the open-source way with Openads | The Open Road - CNET Blogs
I was surprised to find out that all of the ad server companies today charge for the privilege of using their technology. Just for the ad server you pay a monthly fee and/or a CPM fee (utility fee, cost per 1,000 impressions) just for using the software.

This actually sounds reasonable to me, but Openads provides the same thing...for free. Historically, people have used Openads because it's downloadable/free to use without paying a license fee. That's why Openads has more publishers using it than all other ad servers combined, with customers in 100-plus countries. Most of these are small- to medium-size publishers--the long tail of the advertising market, as it were.

So, today Openads and DoubleClick both serve disparate ad networks (though DoubleClick also provides its own) using the technology. The differentiator is the entrance fee.

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