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jueves, agosto 23, 2007

La guerra del volumen

Las discográficas suben el nivel medio de la música para hacerla más llamativa, pero en el proceso se cargan la calidad del audio.

Slashdot | The "Loudness War" and the Future of Music
The "Loudness War" and the Future of Music
Posted by kdawson on Thursday August 23, @08:43AM
from the turn-that-thing-down dept.
Music Science
An anonymous reader notes an article up at IEEE Spectrum outlining the history and dangers of the accelerating tendency of music producers to increase the loudness and reduce the dynamic range of CDs. "The loudness war, what many audiophiles refer to as an assault on music (and ears), has been an open secret of the recording industry for nearly the past two decades and has garnered more attention in recent years as CDs have pushed the limits of loudness thanks to advances in digital technology. The 'war' refers to the competition among record companies to make louder and louder albums by compressing the dynamic range. But the loudness war could be doing more than simply pumping up the volume and angering aficionados — it could be responsible for halting technological advances in sound quality for years to come...



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