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viernes, agosto 17, 2007

Consejos sobre color

Reglas para crear esquemas de color

Color Rules of Thumb : consejos rápidos sobre esquemas de color en el arte
These are rules of thumb about color that you may find helpful.

handprint : intro :sitio con explicación a fondo de las técnicas artísticas de pintura.
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You'll find here information on all aspects of watercolor painting: papers, brushes, paints, "color theory," painting techniques, art instructional books, and more.

mezzoblue § Colour Schemes - Distintas técnicas
May 14
A designer’s ‘style’ is made up of a number of different factors,
though colour plays a large role. Everyone has their own method of
coming up with a good colour scheme, which will inevitably affect the
A ‘technical’ method of colour-selection involves choosing one or two
dominant colours from the colour wheel, to be used with a small set of
complementary colours. Basic colour theory concepts like split
complementary and triadic colour schemes offer a wide range of
variation, particularly when you start throwing in shades, tints, and
saturation adjustments.
Technical colour scheme samples

Technical colour scheme samples

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