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martes, marzo 11, 2008

Por qué externalizar la programación a la India no es lo mismo

La diferencia de calidad en los equipos de programación subcontratados a "fábricas de software"

David's Software Development Survival Guide: Modeling development capacity in offshore teams
I'm often challenged by their assumption that x staff-weeks of effort here (in the San Francisco bay area) is equivalent to x-staff weeks of effort for our offshore team (located in India).
- Our overall development team is medium-sized (20-30 developers)
- Our offshore team represents less than half of that size
- Members of the offshore team are generally very solid and competent engineers; but
. They're on average 5 years more junior that the SF folks
. They have 6 to 18 months tenure with us, when the majority of the SF folks have been working with the product for over 5 years

talking about differences in productivity, I'm therefore NOT referring
to a potential difference due to one of the team being intrinsically
less competent or talented than the other; but differences related to
experience, background, and distance.

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