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lunes, marzo 24, 2008

F# en el mundo real

Las nuevas estrategias de Microsoft para procesadores multicore incluyen el uso de F# .Net

Moneyweb - Wall Street Journal - Behind Microsoft`s bid to gain cutting edge
Microsoft's research groups have begun experimenting with software technologies for multicore computers. During his visit to Cambridge, Mr. Mundie learned that researchers had been using a new multicore programming technology called "F-sharp" to help a Microsoft banking client manage a large system of server computers. The technology, Mr. Mundie concluded, was no longer just experimental, but was working in the real world.

Mr. Mundie told the researchers he was frustrated that "old-line Microsoft" skeptics back home had told him the technology was unproven. "This is something that should be stuck in the face of the people who still think this is science fiction," he told them.
When Mr. Mundie returned to headquarters, he hosted meetings with several different groups in an effort to push forward development of multicore technology. In April, the Cambridge researchers met with Mr. Ballmer, who says he told them he had "heard some buzz" about the F-sharp technology. He later sent an email to other top executives endorsing it.

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