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miércoles, marzo 12, 2008

Por qué EMACS duele (literalmente)

Los atajos de teclado de EMACS se diseñaron para un teclado que ya no existe.

Why Emacs's Keyboard Shortcuts Are Painful
Emacs's keyboard shortcuts is very inefficient. The primary cause is because, emacs's keyboard shortcuts are designed with a keyboard that practically has the Ctrl and Alt key positions swapped.Space Cadet keyboard
The common keyboard used around emacs era in the 1980s are those keyboards from
Lisp Machines↗.
Space-cadet keyboard↗)
The keyboard on lisp machines have the Control key right besides the
space bar (similar to the position of Alt keys on PC keyboards), and
Meta to the left of Control. So, the Control key is the primary
modifier, and the Meta is secondary to Control. This is why, the
shortcuts for the most used commands in emacs involve the Control key
instead of the Meta key.

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