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jueves, marzo 06, 2008

Arquitectura y diseño de portales de información

Cómo construir un panel corporativo de información modular a partir de bloques de información reusables

Enhancing Dashboard Value and User Experience - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

This article is the fifth in a series sharing a design framework for dashboards and portals.us_products_example_callouts-1_thumb.jpg

Part 1 of this series, The Challenge of Dashboards and Portals,
discussed the difficulties of creating effective information
architectures for portals, dashboards and tile-based information
environments using only flat portlets, and introduced the idea of a
system of standardized building blocks that can effectively support
growth in content, functionality, and users over time. In enterprise
and other large scale social settings, using such standardized
components allows for the creation of a library of tiles that can be
shared across communities of users.

Part 2 of the series, Introduction to the Building Blocks,
outlined the design principles underlying the building block system and
the simple guidelines for combining blocks together to create any type
of tile-based environment.

Part 3 of the series, Building Block Definitions (Containers), described the Container components of the Building Block system in detail.

Part 4 of the series, Connectors for Dashboards and Portals, described the Connector components of the Building Block system in detail.

Part 5, we look at ways to enhance the long-term value and user
experience quality of portals created with the building blocks by
encouraging portability and natural patterns of dialog and interaction
around aggregated content.

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