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martes, julio 22, 2008

Proyectos de software a precio fijo: mala idea

Dr. Dobb's | Is Fixed-Price Software Development Unethical? | julio 18, 2008
One of the riskiest decisions you can make in software development is to require a "precise" cost and schedule estimate at the beginning of the project. Although there is nothing wrong with fixing just the price, as I wrote in Agile on a Fixed Budget, the situation quickly becomes dysfunctional when you also decide to fix the schedule and the project scope. Although customers often demand to work in this manner, particularly when the system is being built by another organization such as a system integrator (SI), as professionals we must question the ethics of fixed-price IT projects. We know fixed price is a bad idea, our customers inherently know fixed price is a bad idea, and it's high time that as an industry we choose to abandon this highly questionable approach.

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