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miércoles, julio 30, 2008

Improving Linux font rasterization

Fuentes de linux subpixel rendering
Improving Linux font rasterization? « /home/liquidat
Improving Linux font rasterization

Anti-Grain’s suggestions

Maxim Shemanarev from Anti-Grain now looked into the issue and suggested a set of simple but powerful, not patented methods to improve this situation drastically. He outlines the advantages as follows:

  • You can kern symbols with sub-pixel precision, not worrying about introducing extra blurriness.
  • You can freely scale the text as you want, with 100% guarantee of
    preserving a stable text layout that always fits other graphic elements.
  • You can always be sure that the calculated text width exactly corresponds with what you will see on screen and paper.
  • You can apply fancy vector effects such as “faux bold”
    and “faux italic” being sure the text will not look any

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