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martes, julio 22, 2008

Programación concurrente

Artículos sobre paralelismo (estilo bajo nivel, imperativo).

Effective Concurrency: Super Linearity and the Bigger Machine « Sutter’s Mill
here are links to previous Effective Concurrency columns (based on the dates they hit the web, not the magazine print issue dates):
July 2007 The Pillars of Concurrency
August 2007 How Much Scalability Do You Have or Need?
September 2007 Use Critical Sections (Preferably Locks) to Eliminate Races
October 2007 Apply Critical Sections Consistently
November 2007 Avoid Calling Unknown Code While Inside a Critical Section
December 2007 Use Lock Hierarchies to Avoid Deadlock
January 2008 Break Amdahl’s Law!
February 2008 Going Superlinear
March 2008 Super Linearity and the Bigger Machine

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