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martes, junio 17, 2008

El zoo de los minilenguajes

Pequeños intérpretes de lenguajes de programación, para aprender a construirlos. Incluye un mini haskell. Desde LtU (Lambda the Ultimate).

The Programming Language Zoo
The Programming Language Zoo

On this page you will find on display a number of mini languages which demonstrate various techniques in design and implementation of programming languages. The languages are implemented in Objective Caml.

I teach Theory of Programming Languages (page in Slovene) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of University of Ljubljana. For the course I implemented languages which demonstrate basic concepts such as parsing, type checking, type inference, dynamic types, evaluation strategies, and compilation. My teaching assistant Iztok Kavkler contributed to the source code as well.

The languages are not meant to compete in speed or complexity with their bigger cousins from the real world. On the contrary, they are deliberately very simple, as each language introduces only one or two new basic ideas. You should find the source code useful if you want to learn how things are done.

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