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jueves, junio 12, 2008

Consejos para sobrevivir en el siglo 10

Si viajas en el tiempo, ¿qué deberías saber?

Marginal Revolution: Time travel back to 1000 A.D.: Survival tips
I wanted to ask for survival tips in case I am unexpectedly transported to a random location in Europe (say for instance current France/Benelux/Germany) in the year 1000 AD (plus or minus 200 years). I assume that such transportation would leave me with what I am wearing, what I know, and nothing else. Any advice would help.

1) Wouldn't *I* be the one infecting everyone else, rather than the other way around, because I'll have

the antibodies for all the futuristic strains infesting me and they won't?

2) Tell them that the aeolipile (sp?) is not just a toy; steam power has untapped potential.

3) Teach them about mass production and automation. (actually, don't know what specifics I could give here)

4) Teach them about sanitation and hygiene.

5) Back up all claims with bets, putting up whatever wealth you can get as collateral.

6) Teach them Bayes's Theorem -- an even better epistemology than the scientific method.

7) Teach them the Put-Call Parity Theorem so they can discard their prejudices against usury.

8) Teach them Ricardian comparitive advantage so they can discard their prejudices against foreign goods.

9) Most of all, advise them, in no uncertain terms, not to be timist. (That's like racist, but against people

from a different time.

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