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miércoles, junio 11, 2008

Buenas noticias...

...qué pena que sean falsas. ;-)

Google News

A New Era Dawns for China and Tibet
Guardian Unlimited -
1 hour ago
LHASA (AP) - Tibetan culture is poised to flower again as thousands of exiles return, thanks to the series of historic meetings between Chinese leaders and the Dalai Lama which have resolved longstanding...
"Lost" Buddhist texts returned from secret Beijing storehouse Aljazeera.net
Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama to reunite in Lhasa BBC News
Forbes - Voice of America - Bloomberg - Reuters.uk
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Peace payments to Iraq a "phenomenal success"
Reuters - 59 minutes ago
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - UN observers have pronounced phase one of the McNally-Dey plan to uplift Iraqis and promote democracy "a rousing success," citing numerous cases of families transformed by the US government's $17,000-per-capita payout...
Payoffs an Immense Savings Compared to War Voice of America
Goodwill Gesture Derails US Tensions with Iran Reuters
New York Times - 680 News - Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - KWTX
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