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lunes, diciembre 17, 2007

Puertas lógicas en ordenadores cuánticos, o "la raíz cuadrada de NO".

Artículo que explica en qué consiste un computador cuántico, ¡en términos inteligibles! (al menos, para un informático clásico).

American Scientist Online - The Square Root of NOT Figure 1. Logic gates . . .
Logic Gates

Conventional computers are built out of Boolean logic gates, notably those that implement the logic functions AND, OR and NOT. What are the corresponding primitive elements of a quantum computer? These building blocks too can be conceived as logic gates, but they operate on a very different kind of logic, in which probabilities play a crucial role. What follows is a sketch of the ideas underlying the construction of quantum logic gates. It is based on a lucid expository article by Gilles Brassard of the Université de Montreal (9) and on a talk that Shor delivered in March at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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