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martes, junio 05, 2007

Vimacs: la abominación

Un modo de Vim para activar los comandos y semi-modos de Emacs

Vimacs: Vim-Improved Emacs - Vimacs

What is Vimacs?

* Conrad Parker: “Dude, I gotta get you doing some serious hacking projects”
* Erik de Castro Lopo: “Oh, so you’re the insane guy that K was talking about”
* Wichert Akkerman: “Gross. Horror. Vim abuse. Mind if I include this as an example in the Debian vim packages? :)”

Yep, it’s Emacs… in Vim. Phear it.

In a nutshell, Vimacs is Vim emulating Emacs. (If you’ve never heard of Vim nor Emacs, you’re probably in the wrong place right now ;). To give slightly more detail, Vimacs (Vim-improved Emacs) is a Vim plugin, which brings Emacs’s extensive key bindings and modeless editing features to the the Vim world, while completely retaining Vim’s powerful moded editing style.

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