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miércoles, junio 20, 2007

Formatos de TV: NTSC, PAL, SECAM

Explicación de las características técnicas de los formatos de televisión en el mundo

Video Broadcast Standards | NTSC PAL SECAM

Most countries around the World use one of three main Video Broadcast Standards. These three main standards are NTSC PAL SECAM.

However, each standard is incompatible with the other. For example, a video recording made in the UK could not be played on US standard VCR's or shown on the TV. The reason for this is that the UK Video Standard is PAL whereas the US Video Standard is NTSC.

To find out which Video Standard each country supports, take a look at our Worldwide Video Standards Listing where we have also listed Mains Electricity Voltages and Frequencies together with DVD Region Codes for each country.

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