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martes, junio 05, 2007

Magic: estrategia para principiantes

A Beginners Guide to Magic the Gathering

A Beginners Guide to Magic the Gathering
How to Assess a Good Card, Build a Beatdown Deck, and Improve Play


My old friend Matias is getting into Magic Online and we've been searching for a good resource that helps starting magic players. There are many useful guides for those completely new to the game, not the least of which are the Getting-Started walk-throughs provided by Wizards right in the Starter Decks. And there are many advanced web columns that debate the pros and cons of complex strategy decks with rare cards. But what seems to be missing is a straightward guide for the player somewhere in between newbie and expert. That's the audience this Beginner's Guide is aimed for; we assume you already know the basic rules and lingo, like the order of phases in a turn and steps of combat. You've had a lot of fun just messing around, and now you want to learn and play more.

So what's in this guide and how will it help our Magic game? Our primary goal is to get a feel for what a good card is like, which is one of the most valuable skills to have and one of the longest it takes to get from experience. After that, we'll start in on the fundamentals of building a solid creature deck, which is a prevalent type of deck out there and also the easiest to build and understand. Then we'll elaborate on some time tested tactics that will improve your play by getting the most use out of your cards. You're in for excitement once you learn these skills, since a well-built and well-played beatdown deck can fairly contest against many different deck types.

Lastly, to save a lot of time and hassle for the beginning player, we've listed all the good cards that were available in 2003. The lists focus on Pre-Mirrodin commons and uncommons, in the Online formats of Magic Online (so we ignore editions earlier than 7th). However, you can apply the principles developed in this guide to any card, either past or future.

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