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jueves, junio 14, 2007

Contabilidad GPL

Un framework para contabilidad, abierto y desarrollado en comunidad.


About LedgerSMB | LedgerSMB.Org

LedgerSMB is a fork of a popular general ledger software package called SQL-Ledger largely written and maintained by Dieter Simader.

SMB is an acronym for Small Medium Business.

Some of the improvements that we've made to the code base so far include:

* Enhanced security
* Better Windows support
* More reports
* An Open Development Model
* Better data integrity controls
* Central database for users and preferences

Our goal with LedgerSMB is develop new features with a true community driven project.

Our first release was largely to fix the serious security flaws, and we have started mapping out a plan to make the code base clearer, more secure and more standards compliant.

Some features that we started building and/or are planning for future releases of LedgerSMB:

* More authentication options
* LDAP customer/staff support
* More logic in the database with more constraints
* Improvements on the data structure
* Platform and language neutral APIs (XML)

and many more. Something missing above that you want to add? Join our mailing lists and let us know. We welcome input and feedback from all. Our subversion repository is publically visible on the
SourceForge project page and we have two mailing lists for public discussion.

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