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viernes, agosto 01, 2008

Why Wikipedia is better than Citizendium (or will be, eventually)

Compare this article from Wikipedia about "Benevolent Dictator For Life" with this one from Citizendium. Compare their portraying of the origins of the term. According to Citizendium, it first appeared in Homesteading the Noosphere. Wikipedia does better, and links to Guido van Rossum's explanation of the original mail were it first appeared.

Is it better Wikipedia because a single obscure fact was better sourced in it? No. It's better because it was *much, much easier* to correct and properly source a wrong fact in Wikipedia than in Citizencium. When Guido found his old mail and published it just yesterday, it was easy for me to

Sure, prior to that Wikipedia was stating that the term was taken from some random script from the Monty Pythons,

the Citizendium editor asserted (unsourced) that Homesteading... was the first appearance, which is no better that what the Monty Python fan did at Wikipedia.

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